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Why The Word “No” Is Beautiful?

Most people hear the word “no” and it really makes them upset; especially in business.  When I hear the word “no” I think it is great because I know that I’m one step closer to the word “yes” and that feels great!

Here is a simple method that I use to take the power out of the word “no.”

Imagine that there is a certain number of no’s that you have to here in order to get the best reward that you could ever dream of.  In your mind, be absolutely sure that the reward is coming.

Now all you have to do is get through all of those no’s to reach that one simple “yes” and that special reward is yours.  The hardest thing about this process is that you don’t know how many no’s that you will have to endure before you get that one “yes.”

Make a game out of it!  If you have co-workers, let them in on it or if you work for yourself tell someone that believes in you about your game.  The game is: How many no’s can I get today!

I know that it sounds a little odd but once you desensitize yourself to the word “no” you’ll also be desensitizing yourself to the negative feelings that go along with it.  The next thing you know you’ll be breezing through all of those no’s without any residual negative feelings and yes’s will be plentiful…

What do you think about the word “no?”


Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 Coaching

2 Comments to Why The Word “No” Is Beautiful?

It is similar to Rejection Therapy.

Well said, Jay! Thanks for the reminder.

“When we control our thought lives, we then can regain control of our lives!” ~ gfp ’42™

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