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What Is An NDA Webinar?

Last week I attended my first Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) webinar.  It was held by a fellow Internet Marketer, Trey Smith.  While I cannot go over the contents of the webinar, I think that Trey was very smart to have people sign an NDA so that this information doesn’t get out to the general public.

Some people were saying that if they were Trey they wouldn’t have even held an NDA webinar since mostly all of the people on it are Internet Marketers.  I feel that it really doesn’t matter because only like 1% or so of people actually do anything with information that they come into contact with; even when they pay a lot of money for it.

What I can say is that Trey revealed a clear cut plan of how he will make about $100,000 per month with iPhone Apps within the next 6 to 8 months.  I’m here to tell you, it is solid!  He is so certain that he will reach this goal that he is not planning to do any further Internet Marketing and will focus on Apps full-time.

Until I seen Trey’s plan, I didn’t think that you could spend a small amount of money like a few grand and build a multimillion dollar App business but you can!  In the webinar he talks about how an established company executive said that you couldn’t get in for less than a hundred grand but Trey proves him wrong.

During the webinar I commented that Trey just might become a billionaire with ideas like this and I’m not even sure that he even realizes it.  He talked about companies that were bought out for hundreds of millions of dollars but I say what about the ones that were bought out for over a billion!  That’s why I say that he might end up a billionaire…

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Monday, September 26th, 2011 Internet Marketing, Software

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