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Are You YouTube Funny?

If you are YouTube funny you can make some relatively big bucks!  I haven’t heard of the most recent numbers yet but I can give you the 2009 – 2010 top ten numbers for regular people that earn over $100,000 per year part-time on YouTube.

In at #1 is Shane Dawson.  Shane pulled in a cool $315,000 in a single year with his videos.  You’re killing it man!

#2 is an animated fruit series by Dane Boedigheimer called The Annoying Orange.  Dane brought in about $288,000 in the same timeframe.

Coming in at #3 is Philip DeFranco.  Philip is a video blogger that made about $181,000.  Not too shabby…

At #4 we have Ryan Haga.  Ryan brought in $151,000 for his original brand of humor.

#5 is Fred Figglehorn.  All of the characters are created and portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank who took in $146,000 at the ripe old age of only 16.  Wouldn’t you have liked to bring in more money than most adults at only 16?

Now the #6 spot is by Shay Carl, an Idaho radio DJ and comic.  Shay made $140,000.  That’s a tune that a lot of people would like to play.

We’re up to #7 and that is Mediocre Films.  They pulled in $116,000 for parodies on what happens in real life.  The one about the happy endings cracked me up!

#8 is by Smosh; the comedy duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.  They cashed in at $113,000.

At #9 is The Young Turks.  Their current events discussions and satire pulled in a cool $112,000.

#10 is my personal favorite; Community Channel by Natalie Tran.  This very funny and pretty damn hot Asian girl lives in Australia.  Natalie rounds out the top ten at $101,000.

There you have it, the top ten funny people that make a killing by uploading videos to YouTube that get a ton of views.

So I’ll ask you again; are you YouTube funny?  If you are start uploading, become a YouTube partner, work part-time and make a killing!  What are you waiting for?


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