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What is Remarketing

What is Remarketing?

I’ve done similar posts to this one before but I thought that I’d put a new prospective on this one because I was asked; what is remarketing?

Remarketing or retargeting is where you want to try and sell something to someone that you know is already interested in something that you have to sell.  In the online arena you know that someone is interested in something because they come to your website based on a specific keyword query, banner ad or some form of advertising.

If you are using Google Adwords you can place a code on your website pages that will tag visitors that come to your site but didn’t buy anything.  Then using a banner campaign you can actually follow them around the web using banners and text ads that are especially crafted to what they were looking at, which you already know that they are interested in.

In advertising people must see things many times before they decide to buy and what this does is put the item in front of them over and over again, which increases the likelihood that they will purchase it.

So what is remarketing?  I think it is a technological gift!  Where else can you do this but online.  You can actually follow someone around the net without ever having to have their email address or any of their information.

While visiting various websites on the web, they will see banner or text ads on other people’s websites that are a part of the Google Display Network.  If you don’t know, the Google Display Network is the Google Adsense program that allows webmasters to make a percentage off of the Google ads that they place on their sites.

Again, what is remarketing?  It is the best way to target and try to close sales to customers or potential customers over and over again…


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