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Easy One Hundred Thousand Dollar Webinar Strategy

This is an easy webinar strategy that if you implement it can make you $100,000 in a year without breaking a sweat.

Most people think about why they can’t do something and wonder why they can’t succeed.  If you are one of those people then this important post isn’t for you.

If you are one of those people that know that they can do something if they just have a proper roadmap, then this post is for you!

Here is the strategy.

You need a product to sell.  The easiest is an audio expert interview product priced at a modest $67.00.  Pick a niche and if you are not an expert, get experts for free at RTIR.com.  When you contact the experts be sure to tell them that they can mention where they want people to go to find out more about them.  That is why they do interviews, for free exposure.  Four or five 30 minute to 1 hour interviews is a good size for an audio product of this price.

Now that you have the interviews you need a website with an optin/squeeze page in order to build a list of niche specific prospects.  Offer the people an ethical bribe to get them to opt in; like a portion of one of the best interviews for free.

Once you have that set up you now need traffic.  The best way to get free traffic to your squeeze page is through a joint venture (JV) partner.  You can make great JV connections by giving them something that they want and that is great free content within their niches.  Just write really great articles that they can tell their lists about with a link to your squeeze page.  This is the very best kind of traffic because they are now warmed up and already like you; not to mention that they were referred to you by someone that they already know, like and trust.  Now just do this over and over again for continuous free traffic.

The next thing you need to do is to send out good content rich emails to your growing list that makes them even more comfortable with you and used to getting emails from you.  Then you tell them about a webinar that you are doing that contains exclusive information from the speakers that you interviewed.  During the webinar, you tell everyone about the people that you interviewed and even play pieces of the interviews live for them to hear and get interested in.

Let everyone know the retail value price of your product and give them the discounted price of only $67.00.  Give them the limited special offer link where they can buy the product right then.  You can either conclude the webinar there or answer some questions in the chat box, which will increase conversions.

Here is the $100,000 break down.  If you only do about two 1 hour webinars per week, you will only need to sell 32 copies (16 sales per webinar) of your product per week at the $67.00 price point to make over $100,000 dollars per year!  Not bad for only working a few hours per week?

This can easily be done with webinars because they have a higher than normal conversion rate.  You will more than likely end up selling more…

So when is your next webinar?

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Webinar Tips

A lot of people have been holding webinars lately.  If you are on any number of email lists across many different niches, you have probably seen quite a few emails go out about the latest webinar.

Why are so many people transitioning from conference calls, seminars, etc to webinars?  The answer is that it is more convenient for everyone, less expensive to put on and converts into a much higher volume of sales.

Now-a-days, if done properly a webinar can be built up as a great event that everyone wants to attend.  Most webinar systems can only hold about 1,000 people at any given time.  Therefore scarcity is built right into people’s minds without the organizers even having to create it.

People tend to buy higher ticket items and make faster decisions on webinars, making them the conversion environment of choice.  It is not uncommon for webinars to easily make $50,000, $100,000 and more in only an hour or two…

Webinar Tips

Here are a few webinar tips that will help you put on a good one so that you can make more money.

  • Put a countdown timer on your page.  When people arrive at the webinar before it begins they know that they are at the right place and know when it is about to start.
  • If at all possible, don’t perform live demonstrations if you are selling software.  Almost nothing hurts conversions like software that crashes while live on a packed webinar.
  • Answer questions live.  People like to be able to interact with the webinar host(s).  It goes a long way towards getting people to know like and trust you, which translates into higher conversions.

There you have it; three easy webinar tips that will go a long way towards helping you to make more money online with webinars.


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