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Warrior Forum Server Crash Workaround

Warrior Forum Server Crash Workaround

If you know anything about Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) they can generate a lot of traffic.  Sometimes the amount of traffic that they generate is so massive that it knocks down their web servers.

Now this is not just inconvenient for the people that hang out in the Warrior Forum (WF), it is really costly for product owners and the affiliates that promote WSO products through Warrior Plus and other affiliate platforms.

Warrior Plus is the affiliate platform that affiliates use to promote a WSO, which tracks all of the sales and directs the money to the appropriate accounts.

But what if the WF servers go down after a lot of affiliates have already sent emails to their lists?  I’ll tell you what will and has happened in the past, a lot of lost money!

I was blown away when I got an email from the JV Zoo affiliate platform announcing that they have tackled this problem for the people using their system.  They have created a WSO backup system that will keep you from loosing all of the traffic and sales due to the WF going down.

JV Zoo’s system checks to see if the WF is up and running every few seconds and if their system is down it immediately switches to a backup sales page on JV Zoo’s forum.  The guys over at JV Zoo are really thinking!  Why didn’t the WF think of that?

Now as a product owner or an affiliate promoting products you no longer have to fear the WF servers going down because there is a workaround in place if you choose to use it.  It is such a great feature because it is hard enough to get people to email your promotion out and even more difficult to get them to email multiple times about the same offer.

Great Warrior Forum server crash workaround JV Zoo guys, I know that people will really appreciate it.


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