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I was searching in Google recently when I decided to check out some of the other types of results on the left-hand side.  In doing so I was reminded of when I used to do real time marketing.

When you market this way you need to be in genuine help mode so that people don’t get the feeling that they are being sold to.

The best way to do this is using social media and the best one to use is Twitter.  Why Twitter?  Because unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and many others, on Twitter people will volunteer the most private and personal information without so much as a second thought.

If they are having a problem, they will tweet it in frustration and therein lays the opportunity for real time marketing.  You must be sure that you are not just spamming people with a marketing message.  It must be done with care and indifference.

But before I go into detail, I have to share this really funny tweet that I saw when I was doing my search.

Funny Twitter Tweet

Okay, now stop laughing and let’s keep going…

To be successful in real time marketing you need to make sure that people see you as being helpful in their time of need.  The key is offering a real time solution to a real time problem.

An example of this is say in the area of a problematically slow pc.  People really hate their slow computer problems and want it fixed right away!  In the real time marketing world this is a home run…

First you need to separate the marketers from the people with the problem.  The way that you do this is to go to Twitter.com or search.twitter.com and put in a niche term like “slow pc” but just the term alone is not enough.  You need to get rid of all of the marketers by placing negative parameters within your search.  You can do this by placing a minus symbol in front of what you don’t want to show up like so: -http -https -www.

What this will do is remove all of the tweets that contain a website address, hence separating the marketers from the real people with problems.  Your query should look like this: “slow pc” -http -https -www

Then you will see a variety of different people talking about different topics related to their slow pc.  You pick the ones where people are literally asking for or implying that they need a solution.

Now your first inclination is to send them a tweet that says something like “try this” or “check this out!”  Don’t because you sound like a used car salesman.  You need to engage and be social.  That is why it is called social media…

First ask them what their problem is exactly by using the @(their twitter username here).  When they respond, you tell them how someone that you know solved that problem with a particular product or service.  It can be a Clickbank product, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Before you begin, make sure that you have checked out the product(s) that you are recommending to people.  My recommendation is that you read actual customer reviews on related forums and not on the merchant’s website.  Your goal should be to actually help people and not just to make a buck!  People will actually thank you for your help.

In a nutshell that’s it!  You now know how to do real time marketing.

Be sure to let me know what you think about real time marketing in the comments section.

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