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Blueprint Project Black Edition Review

The Blueprint Project Black Edition Review

The Blueprint Project Black Edition Review

My Blueprint Project Black Edition Review will go over what is in the product, what it is all about and what it can do for you.

I would first like to go over in this Blueprint Project Black Edition Review a little bit about the creators of this product.

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have been online for a very long time.  That is why I simply must include them in my Blueprint Project Black Edition Review.

Not only do they teach online marketing but they make most of their money completely outside of the IM or Make Money Online niche.

They teach a lot of ecommerce income strategies on how to sell physical products vs. downloadable digital products.

Most people are enamored with the thought of cashing in on an online business by way of marketing digital affiliate products through Clickbank, who have paid out over 1.7 billion dollars to their affiliates in the last 10 years.

What people don’t know is that Amazon, who markets physical products online, have paid out over 9.6 billion dollars to their affiliates in 2010 alone!

While Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton do teach how to market downloadable products as well, they are big on ecommerce for obvious reasons.

Blueprint Project Black Edition Review Product Contents

This product contains almost 60 comprehensive videos, 18 manuals, 8 pieces of proprietary software plus physical DVD’s shipped to your home.

This course leaves no stone unturned because it allows you to be a fly on the wall while they literally build a 1 million dollar per year online business in only 8 months!  That’s right; their original goal was to build this business in a year but exceeded their own goal by 4 months.

What This Blueprint Project Black Edition Review Can Do For You

I wrote this Blueprint Project Black Edition Review so that you could understand that this is not another fly-by-night product.  This is a system that you can use to make a significant life-changing income that can give you true freedom.

For my readers only, I have set up an exclusive Blueprint Project Black Edition Review Bonus that far exceeds the overinflated junk bonuses out there.

View my Blueprint Project Black Edition Bonus page.

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Friday, January 14th, 2011 Product Review 2 Comments

IMeye Review

IMeye is the brainchild of Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton.  They are known throughout the Internet Marketing community as being excellent at creating products that really work and this time is no exception.


This new software is something right out of one of those dreams that you have when you are holding on to money really tightly in the hopes that it will still be in your hands when you wake up.

What it will do is give you data on profitable keyword information without you having to ask.  Now I don’t know about you but that is what I have been looking for!  With other research and spy tools you have to put in a seed keyword and stumble upon a golden nugget but with IMeye, you just give it a niche and it does the rest for you.


An example would be using it to build Adsense sites for autopilot income.  I’m going to stop right here and explain something about Adsense.  It was all the rage some years ago and many people made a living on it but in recent years you might have heard that it is no longer that good for making money.  This is totally false!  I know of a woman that made over $1,500 from only one website in her first 30 days where Adsense was the only means of monetization.  She didn’t even have the fortune of using this incredible software to find the high paying Google Adsense keywords and oh yeah, she did this in the final quarter of 2009.  So you see the opportunities are there, just think how easy it can be with IMeye.

Ecommerce is next on the list.  The software will search out the true buying phrases and drill down to what you need to make a real income with physical product sites.  It uses the competitive analysis of other similar sites in your niche market and hands you what you need to be profitable without the usual trial and error.  It does this if you want to use pay-per-click advertising (find high volume cheap click keywords in an instant) or if you have a little more patience and use free SEO traffic, take your pick.

Then you have those that only want free SEO traffic on your own site or even affiliate offers.  Well the software is great for that too.  It can give you keywords that have high monthly search volume with a low amount of competing pages and intitle competing pages.

You can even use the software to promote CPA offers as well and that’s just a start.  The product launches on Thursday April 8th at 12PM EST and the owners gave us a sneak peak into one more exciting feature of IMeye.  They are not sure if it will be ready by launch time but they promise the feature’s release shortly after launch in any event.  That is that the software will be able to identify profitable expiring domain names!  This is a phenomenal feature because remember when I talked about Adsense?  Well just think if you found an expiring domain name that is a highly searched for phrase that will bring you a lot of free traffic.  All you would have to do is create a blog with some articles, get ranked because of the domain name and content.  Then do a little backlinking and watch your Adsense revenue soar!

Cons: I only have a couple of things that I don’t like and that is not about he product, it’s about the price.  The product will be available at a discount for only 7 days ($147.00) and then the price will go up ($197.00)!  I hate it when that happens… But in this case the early bird gets the worm.

The second thing is that the price you pay will be a monthly recurring charge.  I don’t like ongoing payment programs but it costs a lot to support software, especially software as extensive as this.  I hear that they hired over 100 people to make sure everything goes smoothly…

Recommendation: This is a must have tool because the benefits far outweigh the costs.


P.S. Be sure to take a look at my bonus offer.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Identify The Highest Paying Adsense Markets Instantly!

IMeye Free ReportWouldn’t it be great if you could…

- Find massively profitable niches and markets?

- Identify the highest paying Adsense markets really fast?

- Laser target extremely profitable ecommerce niches?

- Get 5 cent clicks on Google for high volume keywords?

- Market ClickBank and other products effectively using SEO?

- Promote CPA offers using Adwords properly and profitably?

Listen to this – there is a remarkable new Internet Marketing tool that has the ability to increase your income by a factor of ten by the end of 2010 and thereafter.  In the following video you will see it in action!

If you’re in a hurry, you can just visit this link:


But, I definitely think you should read the rest of this post in FULL.

Here’s what is going on…

The creators of Niche Blueprint, Commission Blueprint and other Internet Marketing products, Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey, have just spent $100,000 and brought aboard 120 people to produce the most groundbreaking tool since Word Tracker.

The name of it is IMeye.

What makes it different than tools like Keyword Elite, Market Samurai, Keyword Spy and Spyfu is that it does all of the VERY BEST keyword analysis and research and stores it in a HUGE database.

IMeye has the answers before you even ask!

IMeye will deliver the TOP MATCHING keywords instantly; all YOU need to do is input the criteria of the opportunity that you are looking for.

Guess what?  It has just eliminated all of the painstaking search work with a push of a button.  You’ll be able to:

- Bring in a lot of cash by targeting the highest paying Adsense markets and revealing the lowest competition keyword phrases that allow you to dominate Google in record time.

- Zero in on highly profitable ecommerce niches that have little competition but have the potential for sales in the millions of dollars.

- Drive thousands of interested people to high converting affiliate offers by finding high volume keywords on Google that are just 5 cents per click.

- Access VAST untapped sources of traffic for any of your online marketing projects!

That is really just the tip of the iceberg…

I got a behind the scenes sneak peak at IMeye and let me tell you, it’s almost impossible to explain just how POWERFUL this software is and how much money it can make you.

NOW click the link below and see the video of this thing in action and while you’re there, don’t forget to grab your FREE report that demonstrates some of its many features.


As more information becomes available about this amazing new software, I’ll be sure to update this blog.


P.S. Be sure and remember to get your free report -


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Monday, April 5th, 2010 Software 5 Comments
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