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How To Make A Fortune With Syndicated Traffic

One thing about the Internet Marketing business is that you always need traffic to make money online.  Without traffic you are figuratively dead in the water…

There is a lot of different ways to drive traffic to a website both free (SEO, articles, joint ventures, etc.) and paid (PPC, PPV, email drops, etc.) methods.  Both are extremely effective but the one that I really like is syndicated traffic.

Syndicated traffic is where you place your ads on other people’s thank you pages.  This type of traffic is extremely powerful because your ads are smack dab in front of someone who just made a purchase and probably haven’t even put away their credit card yet!

Now listen up because I’m going to give you a really great tip to doing this effectively without spending a dime if you have your own product already.  In my example I’m going to use Clickbank as the payment processor and affiliate management platform.

Use a banner for your product offering something of high perceived value for free to entice the proven buyer to click on your thank you page ad.  Give them this freebie to build a buyers list without them ever having to buy anything from you in the beginning.

Important: For this method to work correctly you need to be sure that the domain that the prospect lands on is the same one that your targeted product is a part of so that the Clickbank affiliate (the person who’s thank you page your ad was on) gets future credit for the sale when one is made.

After you’ve captured this new proven buyer lead, you need to continue to provide great content, value and then promote your products.  When a sale is made, Clickbank will automatically give credit to the affiliate and will even take care of paying him/her.

Syndicated traffic is one of the best ways to drive free traffic and make sales because it comes with an implied endorsement because it was on the thank you page of someone that the purchaser knows, likes and trusts.

Can you make a fortune with syndicated traffic?  Please leave a comment with your answer…


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