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The Role of Social Media in Marketing by M.C. Hammer?

That’s right!  You heard me.  M.C. Hammer spoke at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in early 2010.  He spoke about the role of Social Media in today’s marketing.

I found this talk to be both interesting and informative.  I have to admit that I didn’t think that he would give a talk at the level of someone that really knows what they are talking about but I was wrong.

For a long time people wondered what happened to him and that he probably just faded away broke and miserable but that simply isn’t the case.  He goes into detail about how to use Social Media to propel someone or a company into a position of leverage.

You see, social media has the ability to take an unknown person or company and make them a celebrity overnight if you do it right.  M.C. Hammer goes into detail about how and why he uses Social Media to effectively test and execute campaigns for little or no money that have the potential to grow into something huge!

The video below is a bit longer than most YouTube videos, a little over twenty minutes to be exact, but if you are marketing online it is well worth the time spent to watch.  You won’t believe that this is the same M.C. Hammer that used to say, “You Can’t Touch This!”

So watch the video now and enjoy Hammer’s take on the role of Social Media in today’s marketing and be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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