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Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Facebook just eclipsed Google in traffic on March 13th, 2010.  Social media traffic is a major player and the people that understand it will benefit greatly from it.

Another really big thing about this type of traffic is that people are interacting more and for longer periods of time.  Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide and the average user spends about 55 minutes there when they login.

Now just think of this from an advertising prospective.  Advertisers would love it if you watched their television commercials for 55 minutes per day, but let’s take it a step further.  What if an advertiser like Pampers were able to put their diapers in front of 5 million expectant mothers and the mothers looked at the benefits of their products for a period of 55 minutes per day?  Do you think that Pampers would sell more diapers?  You bet they wood!

Guess what guys, that is exactly what Facebook is doing.  It’s the biggest social network on the planet and you can target people by what they have on their profiles or by the keywords in their real time conversations.  I know, a lot of people feel that this is a gray area but nevertheless, it is being done and right now it is still very cheap to market to Facebook users this way.

Social media traffic has been said to produce even better results than pay-per-click.  So when you are thinking about your next campaign to generate a ton of targeted traffic, whether it’s pay-per-click or free (free takes longer but just as powerful), you need to consider this source.  If you decide to go the free route you must remember that you must socialize and not market on social media platforms, otherwise you will fail miserably.

So be my guest and let me know what you think about this topic.  I always like to know what my readers are thinking…


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Social Media Traffic – Is It Any Good?

I was speaking with another marketing buddy of mine the other day about social media traffic and whether it is any good or not.

My take on it is that it depends.  It depends on if you have built a good foundation with the people that you are socializing with or not.  You can send a ton of people to an offer but if they don’t know, like or respect you the traffic won’t convert.

At first glance most people think that if people that go to an offer don’t buy anything that they are offered then the traffic isn’t any good.  Look at it this way, if someone walked up to you on the street with the best product ever but they were pushy in their approach, it would automatically turn you off.

Sometimes it’s not always about getting people to your offer.  Often it’s getting people to an offer with a soft or referred sell.  That is why you hear the term social proof.  One way in which it is shown is when a friend or someone that you know likes and recommends a product or service to you.  People feel much more comfortable if someone they know or even a friend of a friend says that something is good.

The moral of the story is to first get to know the people that you want to be your customers before you try and sell them something.  As human beings we all hate it when something is rammed down our throats.  Think like the person that is being sold to and realize how you would react in that same situation.  Make that adjustment and you will find that the same social media traffic will begin to convert.

Conclusion, social media has good traffic but it needs to be nurtured first.

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