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Mind Viruses

Mind Viruses?

What the heck is a mind virus?  I heard this from a guy by the name of Randy Gage.  Randy is one of the biggest MLM guys on the planet!  I’ll be the first to say that MLM isn’t my thing.  My thing is definitely Internet Marketing but he said something that holds true throughout business in general.

I recently listened to an interview that he did with an up and coming Internet Marketer named Aaron Darko where he explained the mind virus concept.

I’m not going to take a long time to say what should only take a few paragraphs to say; so I’m going to give it to you straight.  A mind virus is a limiting belief planted in your mind by people that you know or by what you expose yourself to.

A good example of this is what you see in everyday movies.  The vast majority of people have been taught that money is bad and therefore a person with money is bad.  This is portrayed over and over again in the movies in order to sell to the masses.

Look at the highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar.  The rich greedy corporation swoops in and tries to destroy the habitat of the natives in order to make even more money from their planet’s natural resources.

People have been conditioned to believe that money is bad and if you have money you must be bad too.  This is simply not the case.  It’s not the money; it’s the person with it.  Money is only an enhancer.  If a person is a jerk before he has money, he will be an even bigger jerk once he has more money.

What you need to get here is to not let any mind viruses in.  Vaccinate yourself by understanding that money is neither good nor bad.  Don’t believe that in order to be a good person you need to be poor because that will always push money away from you and you don’t want that.  Always think about how many people that you can help when you have money and you’ll be just fine.

Do you have any mind viruses?  Tell me in the comments.

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