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Marketing Resolution for 2011

If you want to either become successful or increase your success, you need a marketing resolution for 2011.

I decided to sit down and actually map out a marketing resolution and I thought that my readers might benefit from my prospective.

1.      Structure: Create a schedule that you will follow everyday and actually stick to it.  It is very important to have structure because without it you will end up watching videos, checking email, sending tweets and playing around on Facebook all day.

2.      Challenge Yourself: Pretend that you are in a friendly neck and neck contest with your greatest business rival.  Give it everything that you’ve got to win!  If you do this it will make you sharper and give you that hunger to complete any goal that you set and before you know it you will have exceeded what you were trying to do to begin with.

3.      Goals: Make it a point to write down your goals because something magical happens when you actually do.  It really isn’t magic; it helps to align your subconscious thoughts with your conscious thoughts.  When this happens you become a force to be reckoned with.

4.      Outsourcing: Stop doing the mundane tasks that I don’t like and are counterproductive for my business.  If you can pay someone a reasonable amount of money to do it than do it.  Focus on making money work for you and not working for money.

5.      Measure: Test, test, test and closely monitor the results.  Eliminate all unnecessary expenditures and ramp up positive results.  This can mean the difference between success and failure, so really nail this one and your business will really grow!

There you have my marketing resolution for 2011.  If you have a marketing resolution that you want to share, by all means share your marketing resolution suggestions in the comments.


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