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Dreams entertain, while aspirations create a path to success. – Jay Peete

I speak with a lot of different people from all walks of life and the statement that I opened this post with always seems to hold true.

Absolutely everyone has a dream.  The problem with about 97% of the population is that they are just dreamers.  You can ask anyone what they would like their life to look like and they will become glossy-eyed and paint you a beautiful picture.  The problem is that only a measly 3% of the population would ever do anything about creating a path to success.

I have communicated with a lot of really successful people in my life and the same thing is always apparent; that successful 3% is no different than the 97% that are unsuccessful.  So was the path to success some how easier for the successful 3%?  No!  The only difference is that most people don’t have aspirations.

If you are going to pursue a real path to success you have to have aspirations because it is accompanied by both desire and ambition.  Dreams are just dreams and you will probably never get around to creating a path to success.  You will probably just wish you could win the lottery or somehow come into some money that you didn’t have to work for.

A while back I watched a video by one of the biggest Internet Marketers around, Frank Kern.  He was going to create a new product and wanted to know what the people on his lists thought about the type of product that he should do next so he surveyed them.  When the results came in he was shocked because he thought that his next product should be about mindset but his subscribers strongly felt that it should be about list building.  He said that you should always give the people what they want so he created the List Control product but he clearly stated that the path to success first starts with the proper mindset.  Without it you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

As a final note I’ll just say that your path to success depends on weather you have dreams or really strong aspirations…

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