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List Building Secret Revealed

Today I have decided to reveal a list building secret.  I thought long and hard about giving this away but as you probably know, most people don’t do anything with the knowledge that they obtain.  They want to but for many different reasons they do nothing.

This list building secret involves paid traffic, but before you leave hear me out.  Most of the gurus that use paid traffic tell you to build your email lists spending up to $1 per opt-in.  Well I’m here to tell you that is hogwash!  They will even tell you not to use Google anymore because they are too competitive.  That is crap I say!

My list building secret is the Google Display Network, formerly known as the Google Content Network.  I was turned on to this technique by a friend from the Warrior Forum who shall remain nameless.

His list building secret is so cool that it gets me 1 cent clicks and opt-ins.  Now I know that you probably haven’t heard of getting opt-ins for so cheap but it is true.  While I can’t reveal the entire process in this blog post, I will give you a quick overview.

What you do is create banner ads in every size that Google allows (currently 9 different sizes at the moment).  You set them to run only on the Display Network.  Since you are advertising on the Display Network, there is no quality score!  (Ads and landing pages still must be approved by Google before the ads start running)

As long as you don’t try and promote anything too sketchy, like adult, gambling, etc you should be okay.  Then load as close to 2,000 keywords per ad group as you can.  Set your keyword bids to 1 cent (0.01) and really, that is it!  Once approved by Google you will start seeing traffic for only one penny per click.

Now I know what you are probably thinking; Google won’t let you have penny clicks.  Oh yes they will!  On their Display Network they will but not on the Search Network.  That is the difference.

The Display Network places banner ads on other people’s websites; not on Google.  You are probably thinking that you shouldn’t load your ad groups with 2,000 keywords either.  False!  That many targeted keywords will get you on websites all over the world and Google won’t penalize you for it either.

So I hope you enjoyed this list building secret and I hope that you are one of those people who actually take action…


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