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Is Traffic Really That Hard To Get

Is Traffic Really That Hard To Get?

Everyone that wants to make money online knows that one of the most important things you need is traffic to either your website or to an affiliate website.  Today I’m going to talk about how to get traffic to your website faster than you ever thought possible.

I was going through the Warrior Forum the other day and a woman asked a question about paid vs. free traffic.  She couldn’t understand why anyone would pay for traffic when they could get it for free from the search engines.

First of all, you should never depend on any one source of traffic.  That type of thinking can put you out of business very quickly.

Second, free organic traffic is great but you are at the continued mercy of the search engine algorithms every time they make changes.  We all know what they call that when it comes to our friends at Google, SLAP!

While I like free traffic I have to go with paid traffic.  Why?  It is more predictable and you can easily scale it up to almost as big as you want.  The reason is that there are so many different paid traffic sources out there vs. there only being one source of organic traffic.

You can use paid sources like PPC, PPV, solo email ads, banners, co-registration, domain redirects, etc. and that is just to name a few.

To prove what I’m saying is true I’ll give you a really fast traffic method right now.  Go to Google and search “expired domain traffic.”  You will get a list of companies that you can pay to send you hundreds of thousands of real visitors from a specific country or from all over the world starting today at very reasonable prices.  Just be sure to remember that I gave you this tip for crying out loud.  LOL!

So the question that I asked in the beginning of this post as to if traffic is really that hard to get?  The answer is no.  You just need to find the right traffic source for what you are trying to do and always make sure that whatever you pick is the right type of traffic for your offer and for the overall growth of your business.

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