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Internet Marketing Mentor

Internet Marketing Mentor

How important is an internet marketing mentor; in a word “extremely!”

If you don’t have an internet marketing mentor in this business you will either be one of the 98% that fail or one that will go round and round in circles for years before having some success…

People ask me all the time why a mentor is so important and I simply tell them “mistake reduction.”  Just think about when you were in high school and if you had to learn Algebra from a book with no teacher.  How many of the students do you think would have been able to learn it?  I have a pretty good hunch that not many would.

It is no different in this arena and an internet marketing mentor would greatly reduce your learning curve because you won’t have to make as many mistakes.  With that said, the next question is usually something to do with finding a good one.  I normally answer that with, “it varies.”

There is no “one size fits all” guru that can help everyone.  You have to find the best internet marketing mentor that works best for you.  You’ll know that person when you see him/her because you will get a feeling of comfort and ease of learning.

When you find your internet marketing mentor you will probably get a shot of endorphins (an organic chemical produced by the brain that causes positive feelings of joy) because you will just get what he/she is talking about and know that you can do it.

One thing that I know for sure and that is that once you have found your internet marketing mentor; you need to unsubscribe from all email mailing lists and just follow the teachings of that person.  The reason is simple; information overload!  Don’t let it happen to you.  You will have more success in a shorter amount of time if you just take that advice.

Do you have an internet marketing mentor that you follow right now?  Leave a comment and let me know who he or she is.


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