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Google Shopping As Research?

I know the title is strange but you really can use Google Shopping as research.

First of all you are probably wondering what Google Shopping is?  It is where Google shows you the hottest physical products selling out there right now.

What I am going to do in this post is show you how to use Google Shopping as a research tool to find great products to promote as an affiliate.

Below is a screenshot of Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Picture

It is similar to Amazon’s best sellers’ category but even simpler to get ideas on the best physical products to promote as an affiliate.

Like Amazon, Google has a massive database of hot selling products.  All you have to do is start searching.

Don’t think that you have to be an Amazon affiliate to promote physical products.  There are tons of other large networks out there to choose from like; Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Market Health and many others…

In the physical product promotion game you need to pick products that are higher priced because in many cases the commissions are lower since the products are physical.  Just remember not to be put off by the high price because despite what you might hear in the media, people are still spending money.  So go out there and get your piece of this multibillion dollar a year pie!

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