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The Death of Google Buzz?

That’s right, Google Buzz is dead or retiring as Google likes to call it.  This is something that I knew would happen when I wrote about it in a previous post.

Google says that in a few weeks you will no longer be able to create any new posts.  You will be able to access posts you’ve made in the past by either viewing it on your Google profile or by downloading using Google Takeout.

You see, even the biggest search engine in the world isn’t perfect when it comes to the brave new world of Social Media.  But I called it a little bit ago because Google hasn’t faired so well in the Social Media space.  Just look at what happened after they acquired MySpace, need I say more…

I guess we will have to see how well they do with the new Google Plus.  They know that Facebook continues to grow at an astounding rate, now over 800 million users at this point in time, and they have stated publicly that they are their biggest competition.

There was another post that I wrote where I talked about how Facebook wants to make it to where people kids that are growing up today won’t even know the difference between Facebook and the Internet.  That is probably why Google is trying so hard to create a Social Media rival because if that happens, they will lose their stranglehold on Internet search traffic.

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