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Gathering Virtual Dust

Gathering Virtual Dust?

When you first get started in Internet Marketing you have a tendency to get tons of different information and products that you are interested in but never follow through on.  That is what I call gathering virtual dust.

Why am I talking about this?  The reason is because when you are a newbie you can’t seem to focus and that is the very thing that is killing you!  What I hope to do in this post is to make you see that you probably already have what you need in order to make money online.

The Internet moves quickly and a lot of things that worked a year ago wouldn’t work today but on the other hand, some things still do.  What you have to do is figure out which things still work and what no longer does.

A good way to get a since of what is working today is to join a forum like the Warrior Forum.  There you can ask questions and get a consensus from people all over the world as to what is still working on the Internet.

While you can’t give away a product owner’s method of making money publically, you can ask about a general method and if it is still viable.  You might ask if article marketing still works.  People will go back and forth on the topic but what I would look for is comments by experienced warriors that have been around that forum for a long time and may have even launched a WSO on that topic in the past.  They won’t lead you astray because their reputation is on the line.

Before you keep buying more and more products that will just sit on your hard drive gathering virtual dust, take a look at what you already have.  You just might find a nugget or two that will get you started making money online after all…


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