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How To Get Free Website Traffic

If you are just getting started and want to know how to get free website traffic, I am going to give you one fast surefire method.

This method is one that will blow your mind because I’m not going to tell you to use Social Media Tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  This free website traffic method works extremely well and is very underground.

The method is ghostwriting for super affiliates.  You see most all super affiliates have followings and subsequently run blogs with newsletters.  You can just Google your niche + blog, your niche + powered by wordpress, inurl:jvblog, inurl:jv-blog, “jv leaderboard” etc.  Also you can go to sites like JVNotifyPro.com to find super affiliates by looking at who has committed to participate in the most recent launches.  Trust me, all of these people can send you tons of free website traffic.

Next what you need to do is to create a high quality 10 to 15 page pdf report (OpenOffice.org has free software that you can use to create reports in the pdf format) about a hot topic within your niche but there is a twist!  The twist is that you’re going to ghostwrite the report; meaning that you will include the super affiliate’s photo and name as the author.

At first you might feel like you are doing a lot of work and someone will get all of the credit but don’t.  Remember to keep your eye on the prize; free website traffic.  Because you helped a super affiliate with something that they always need, fresh new content, most of them will help you in return.  They might send you free website traffic by way of a blast to their email list or mention you in their newsletter.  I recommend that you send them to a squeeze page where you give them something for free so that you can build a quality list.

People that I have told this method to always want to know where to find the high quality content that will go into their reports, and that is actually easy.  Just do a search in Google to find forums (your niche + forum) within your niche and check out the hottest topics with the most activity.  There you will not only find the questions, but also the answers as well.

So when it comes to great, high quality and free website traffic you can’t miss with this method…



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