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Guru YouTube Account Termination?

A couple of days ago I saw a blog post by ultra guru and super affiliate, Jeff Johnson.  In this post Jeff goes over how YouTube terminated his main account because someone in the YouTube community complained.

He is very upset and rightfully so because that account had over a million views on it and now it is just gone bye-bye…  Jeff talked about how he went over the Google, oh did I say Google; I mean YouTube’s (LOL since Google owns YouTube) account policies with a fine tooth comb and couldn’t see why he was shut down.

Sorry Jeff, I know that you are a guru and all but compared to Google and YouTube you are just a very small squirrel trying to get a nut; though I hate to say it…

You see I believe that we Internet Marketers have been placed in Google’s crosshairs and we will now begin to see more and more of us picked off one-by-one.

The reason why is simple: Google views the IM niche as Get-Rich-Quick!

In my opinion, they are trying to weed us out because they believe that the average person will not succeed when trying to make money online and they’re probably right.  I wish that they weren’t but they probably are.

One good indication of this is something that I recently heard from Frank Kern, and that is that he is shocked that more people don’t want to learn more about mindset.  You see Frank did a survey where thousands of people responded and just like the other surveys that he has done in the past, one of the least requested things that people want to learn about is mindset.  Frank said that he is still going to teach it indirectly because it is actually the most important thing that people need to learn; even if they don’t realize it.

What I’m getting at is this: YouTube and Google are going to “protect us” whether we like it or not!  They think, like the Government, that people are dumb and don’t know any better and in some cases they are right but not in all cases.

Why do I have this point of view?  I feel this way because even the great guru Frank Kern keeps trying to get people to understand that mindset is the most important thing but they won’t even listen to him.  People want what they want and that is just that.

So good luck getting your YouTube account reinstated Jeff Johnson; you’re going to need it…

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Where Does Frank Kern Get His Motivation?

Check out the video below of Bob Serling interviewing Frank Kern and learn where his motivation comes from and then answer 1 quick question below.

Can you imagine having an upbringing like this?  The average person was raised in the exact opposite way.

We’re told to go to college and get a good job, have a family and retire with a pension after working for someone else for 40 years.  That type of programming is why so few people ever experience life in abundance.

Most people will live out their entire lives on a slightly unconscious level.  They just want to go to work, come home and plop down on the couch in front of the TV.  The closest they will ever come to motivating themselves to do anything substantial will be their wish to win the lottery; otherwise they are too scared and/or lazy to take a risk to try for financial freedom.  It is so sad but true…

Are you forever doomed to be a lemming or an entrepreneur that wants more out of life?

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Path To Success

Dreams entertain, while aspirations create a path to success. – Jay Peete

I speak with a lot of different people from all walks of life and the statement that I opened this post with always seems to hold true.

Absolutely everyone has a dream.  The problem with about 97% of the population is that they are just dreamers.  You can ask anyone what they would like their life to look like and they will become glossy-eyed and paint you a beautiful picture.  The problem is that only a measly 3% of the population would ever do anything about creating a path to success.

I have communicated with a lot of really successful people in my life and the same thing is always apparent; that successful 3% is no different than the 97% that are unsuccessful.  So was the path to success some how easier for the successful 3%?  No!  The only difference is that most people don’t have aspirations.

If you are going to pursue a real path to success you have to have aspirations because it is accompanied by both desire and ambition.  Dreams are just dreams and you will probably never get around to creating a path to success.  You will probably just wish you could win the lottery or somehow come into some money that you didn’t have to work for.

A while back I watched a video by one of the biggest Internet Marketers around, Frank Kern.  He was going to create a new product and wanted to know what the people on his lists thought about the type of product that he should do next so he surveyed them.  When the results came in he was shocked because he thought that his next product should be about mindset but his subscribers strongly felt that it should be about list building.  He said that you should always give the people what they want so he created the List Control product but he clearly stated that the path to success first starts with the proper mindset.  Without it you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

As a final note I’ll just say that your path to success depends on weather you have dreams or really strong aspirations…

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Grateful Like Ted Williams?

You might be sick by now of the incredible story of the second chance of Ted Williams, man with the golden radio voice.  But I had to write a post on this because the message is just too clear on this one, whether you’re religious, spiritual or whatever…

If you are an Internet Marketer you have to be grateful and it doesn’t matter if you have made it yet or not!

Ted Williams is now having the most incredible success of his life, even more so than he had before he was homeless.  If you saw his Today Show interview he contributes this second chance to being grateful in 2010 for the first time in his life and having a new understanding of God.

The one thing that I have always believed and heard over and over again from Internet Marketers like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Jason Moffatt, etc. is to always be grateful.  When you’re grateful good things can’t help but to come your way…

Now I know what you’re thinking; that is that “The Secret” crap isn’t it?  No!  Scientists already know that our bodies contain electricity and Neurologists can measure the electrical impulses in the brain.

Why do you think that only 2 to 3 percent of the population is wealthy?  It’s because they think differently and believe in what they are doing even when no one else understands.  Most are grateful for what they have; positive and positive go together.

The moral of this story for me is to never give up!  No matter what obstacles are in your way if you never stop believing and trying you will win eventually.  Ted Williams didn’t give up on his dream that one day his mother would see him succeed again and he made that dream a reality.

Leave a comment and let me know what you got out of this story.

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Failed Product Launches

Did you or some guru you know have failed product launches?  Did they make some kind of critical error or mistake that cost them a lot of money?  Chances are, probably not and here’s why.

Your email inbox has probably been full the past few months with an ungodly amount of emails promoting everything under the sun.  At least that has been my experience.  I don’t think that I have ever seen so many emails in my inbox ever.  I was getting so many that I had to start unsubscribing to the ones that I was only so so interested in.

All of these emails in your inbox mean something, saturation!  Now despite the current state of the economy there is still plenty of money to go around.  After all, a recession is just the redistribution of wealth when it is all said and done.  Money doesn’t just disappear into nothing, it has to go somewhere; into a different set of people’s pockets…

There are many reasons for failed product launches but the main reason is because 90% of the money made is made by the top 10% of super affiliates.  Now with all of the launch promotions going on, the big boys and girls can only promote so many products to their lists.  There are just too many products launching to promote them all.  So the gurus must be selective about which launches to get behind, which usually are the joint venture (JV) partners that did well for them in their own launches.  You scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours.

One thing is for sure, if you can get two or more big gurus fighting it out for the number one spot on your launch you are going to make a lot of money!  One example of this is the recent re-launch of Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy, where Frank Kern and Jeff Johnson publicly announced that they were trying to take the number one spot in the JV contest.  I don’t know who won between the two but I know who the real winner is and that’s Brendon Burchard!

But what about the lesser launches, is there any room for success?  Yes there is but it takes a little bit more work.  You have to build your own strong email list with a really good converting backend product funnel that brings in money on autopilot.

There is no real underground secret to keep you from having failed product launches other than connecting with the people on your own email list (preferably buyers list) and turning them into raving fans because you provide tons of value.  That way you will have a sustainable long-term business without the need for any JV partners.

What failed product launches did you hear about and what do you think?  Let me know in the comments section.

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