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Forum Marketing – Is it worth it?

There are a lot of people in forums these days.  It is both a way to socialize, learn and even a really good way to bring targeted traffic to your website.

So the question beckons, “is forum marketing worth your time?”  I would say a definitive “yes!”

There are very few ways that have such targeted traffic other than in forums.  If you are a part of one in a specific niche, than you know that everyone in there are all interested in the same thing.  If everyone is interested in the same thing, they are usually someone that will buy or have already purchased something related to what everyone is there talking about.

Just suppose that you have something to offer them.  How would you do it without turning off the other members?  You use a method of implicit and not explicit selling tactics.

This is done by using your forum signature link to your advantage by having it point to an offer of some kind that will make you some money.  It can be your own product or a product that you are an affiliate for.

Caution: Some forums won’t let you promote affiliate products unless you first go through a site that you own.  Each forum is different, so make sure to read the rules thoroughly and don’t just skim them.  They will kick you out if you break them.

Forum Marketing is still alive and well and can make you a lot of money and even kick off your Internet Marketing career with a bang!  The best thing about it is that you can get started for almost nothing, and when I say almost nothing I mean about $10.00 for a domain name and hosting.  There is usually no cost associated with forums so that part is free.

Do you drive traffic via forums?  Have a question or comment?  Let me know by leaving it in the comment box.


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