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Fast Cash with PLR

Fast Cash with PLR

A great way to make fast cash with Private Label Rights (PLR) is to outsource it!  I know that doesn’t make much sense right now but keep reading and all will become clear…

The most conventional way of making money with PLR is to buy a ready-made product, set up a website and sell it.  That way works really well and there are a lot of people out there doing that and making good money.

There is only one problem with the common method that I just mentioned.  The problem is that you have to either know how to put up a website and link it to a merchant account or pay someone else that knows how to do it.  In the grand scheme of things it really isn’t that much money that we are talking about, but I have an easier way…

Drum roll please…  Become the middle-man between people that need high quality content for their websites and article writers.  If you write articles yourself, even better!  You already have one piece of the puzzle.  If not, just go to sites like Fiverr.com and find good article writers for only 5 bucks.

Be sure to test out the writers to make sure that they produce high quality articles.  It is a good idea to ask to see a sample article that they have written.  Also look for a good deal; like writers that give you a pack of 10 original articles for $5.

SPECIAL NOTE: Before you sell your pack of 50 articles, make sure they are all original by either checking them in Google or CopyScape.com.

Now you want to create a no-brainer deal!  You need to put together a package of 50 high quality niche specific articles to sell.  Price each package of 50 articles for $100 apiece and approach 100 blog and/or website owners in that niche.  Tell all of them that you are only going to sell a total of 15 copies of this articles pack.  This will make you $1,500 for only 15 sales.  Can you say cha-ching!

All you have to do at this point is to rinse and repeat the process.  With this method, fast cash with PLR couldn’t be easier…


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