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Advertise on Facebook or Google?

Advertise on Facebook or Google?

In the Internet Marketing field there are many ways to drive traffic to websites.  Ultimately you want to make a conversion of some sort, whether it is to make a sale, get an opt-in or get someone to complete a form.  When you are skilled at driving traffic on the web, you will always be successful.

As I stated above there are many ways to drive traffic but in this post I’m going to focus on two sources of paid traffic methods.  You would probably have to call them the two bookends of the paid traffic world; Facebook and Google.

Both Facebook and Google have paid traffic platforms but they are very different.  On the surface they seem the same but underneath you need to have a different approach when utilizing the two pay per click platforms.

With the older more established Adwords platform you can market more traditionally because people are specifically searching for something and all you have to do is put it in front of them.

When using the newer of the two, the Facebook ad platform, you need to be a bit more strategic.  Driving traffic using social media is a very different animal because people are not searching for anything while on social media sites; they are there to enjoy themselves and to connect.  That is why many times you will see advertisers use interruption marketing tactics in order to get attention to their ads and get clicks.

If you are going to advertise on Google you should get started using their Display Network.  It used to be called the Content Network and it is where you advertise on other websites on the web through Google and not directly through their search engine.  In the Display Network you can get much cheaper clicks (as little as 1 cent) and minimize your risk so that you don’t lose your shirt in the beginning.  Once you are more comfortable then step up to the search platform.

They are both really great for driving traffic and making money.  It is just that your approach must be different.  If I had to give an edge to one over the other, I would give the edge to Facebook.

Facebook allows you to build fan pages, which they are now just calling “pages.”  You can use paid Facebook traffic to build a list of “likes” of your pages.  What this does is connect you to thousands of people that you can put social offers in front of.  Remember that you don’t use traditional marketing tactics on social media.  You use offers that allow you to further socialize and make money in the process.  I know people in the business that is making an unbelievable $50,000 to $100,000 per month using these methods.  The best part about it is that once they have built a sizable list on their Facebook page they don’t have to pay anymore; they just socialize with them and grow virally.  How crazy is that?  Getting paid handsomely for having fun…

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Do Facebook Ads Actually Work?

In Internet Marketing circles I am constantly hearing both sides go back and forth about if Facebook ads really work.  Most of the time it is from people looking for a way to make money online and trying to decide whether or not to try free SEO traffic vs. paid traffic tactics.

Other times it is actual top level marketers that are so use to the way that they are making money now that they don’t understand how to make money with social media traffic.  Many of the people that say that you can’t make money with social media sites such as Facebook don’t really understand the dynamics of this type of traffic.

I know a marketer, who shall remain nameless, that kills it each and every month with Google Display Network traffic.  He is so good at what he does that he can consistently get 1 cent clicks right from the very beginning of a new campaign!  But when he tried to use his vast knowledge and experience with the Facebook ad platform he totally bombed.  So from that point he proclaimed that Facebook traffic doesn’t convert.

Now the flipside of the coin is that I know another marketer, who will also remain nameless, that did the very same thing.  He too came from the Google Adwords arena and bombed on his first attempts at Facebook traffic.  But this second guy couldn’t sleep with the fact that he had failed at something that he should be able to master.  So he worked day and night until he found the answer.

What the first guy was doing wrong was that he was trying to monetize social media traffic in the same manner that he would with search engine traffic but they are two very different beasts.  When people are on sites like Facebook they aren’t necessarily searching for anything, they are there to socialize.  When people go to a search engine or to a website in search of information on a specific topic, they are in search mode.  They are two very different functions of the brain.

The second marketer figured out that you have to market more social media to people hanging out on a social media site.  This is the critical piece of the puzzle that turned everything around.  When he started doing this, not only did he begin to make thousands of dollars in promotions through social media but he spent as little as .002 cents per click!  Again, that’s two tenths of a cent for traffic.  Killer strategies exist if you are willing to test, test and test some more…

What do you think?  Do you think Facebook ads actually work?  Leave a comment.


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