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Entrepreneurial Pick Me Up from Rocky

Today’s post is a short video by Rocky Balboa.  This is a pick me up for entrepreneurs that are down on their luck and need some inspiration to keep going.  So give it a watch and hopefully it will give you some more drive on your way to success.

I was inspired by a colleague that was just knocked down in a fight with PayPal.  They froze his account because they fear make money online offers; sighting that they are high risk.  He had just had major success with a Warrior Forum WSO (Warrior Special Offer) 6 figure launch.  Now that might not sound like much money when you consider big multi 7 figure launches by the gurus but you have to consider that the guru products usually cost $2,000.  My colleague did this monster launch with a product that only costs $17.  I thought about this video for him and anyone else that is in a knock down drag out fight with the things that happen in life.  Watch it and get inspired!

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Sneaky Entrepreneur?

I love hearing stories about how someone overcame the odds and found a way to make something happen.  To me there is nothing better than knowing that if others can do it, anyone that has an absolute unstoppable burning desire can too.

That brings me to today’s post about Kenneth Cole.  If you don’t know him you should.  I have many of his shoes and they are excellent!

Mr. Cole wanted to start his own shoe company but like most had very limited funds.  He didn’t let that stop him because a true entrepreneur looks at a problem and just sees it as an obstacle to get around.

Kenneth wanted to sell shoes off of a truck in a busy city location in a major metropolitan area but couldn’t because permits of this type were only approved for utility and motion picture companies.

That is where most people would have stopped, but not him.  He changed the name of his company from Kenneth Cole, Inc. to Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.  He hired a director, producer and called his movie “Birth Of A Shoe Company”.

I love how he said that sometimes there wasn’t even film in the camera.  But aside from the movie they went on to sell 40,000 pairs of shoes out of the truck, which was the original goal all along…


It is clear that Kenneth Cole is not your average thinker.  He decided that he wanted to launch his shoe company in an area and way that was unconventional and he wasn’t about to let something like a permit stop him and neither should you.

Do you think like everyone else or are you an outside of the box thinker?  Leave a comment and share.

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