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Entrepreneurial Pick Me Up from Rocky

Today’s post is a short video by Rocky Balboa.  This is a pick me up for entrepreneurs that are down on their luck and need some inspiration to keep going.  So give it a watch and hopefully it will give you some more drive on your way to success.

I was inspired by a colleague that was just knocked down in a fight with PayPal.  They froze his account because they fear make money online offers; sighting that they are high risk.  He had just had major success with a Warrior Forum WSO (Warrior Special Offer) 6 figure launch.  Now that might not sound like much money when you consider big multi 7 figure launches by the gurus but you have to consider that the guru products usually cost $2,000.  My colleague did this monster launch with a product that only costs $17.  I thought about this video for him and anyone else that is in a knock down drag out fight with the things that happen in life.  Watch it and get inspired!

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Entrepreneur Mindset

If you have an entrepreneur mindset you are either blessed or doomed!

Being an entrepreneur myself you are probably thinking to yourself, “Why would he say such a thing?”  It is because most of us will go through some of the most horrific situations that life could possibly throw at a person.

Having the entrepreneur mindset is a way of thinking that for the most part is shunned by the average person.  Think about it, how do most people look at people that say that they’ll have great success one day and live a multi-millionaire lifestyle?  They usually give you the look of, “Yeah right!”

The entrepreneur mindset guarantees you a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs before you reach any kind of real success.  Very few that enjoy success ever get there easily…

Most people have to struggle for a long time and even what is considered a long time is relative to what each individual feels a “long time” is.  It could be six months, a year or five years!

So with the entrepreneur mindset will come pain, trials and tribulations.  Most of the people around you will be incapable of understanding why you don’t just give up!  Don’t feel bad about that though.  The reason that they can’t understand your journey is because the vision was given to you and you alone.

Call it whatever you want; God, a higher power, the universe, etc.  Your entrepreneur mindset is your vision and I think that you owe it to yourself to give that vision everything that you’ve got.  The reason is that when you are on your deathbed, no one will be lying there with you regretting the actions that you didn’t take along side you.  It will be just you…

Those of us with the entrepreneur mindset are both doomed to endure hardships but called lucky and blessed when people around us see our success.  The only difference between us and the general population is that we are willing to go through it.


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