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I’m sure that you’ve been hearing a lot about mobile marketing lately but have you heard much about mobile commerce?

Mobile marketing comes in many forms from getting people to opt-in to your conventional email newsletter so that you can sell them something.  You could also get them to opt-in so that they can receive specials via text message.

Mobile commerce is the next logical step to mobile marketing and is already being done mostly by large companies like eBay and Amazon.  It is where you actually pay using your mobile phone or mobile device.

In 2009 eBay Mobile grossed a staggering 600 million dollars, but that was nothing.  In 2010 they expect that figure to grow to an estimated 1.5 billion dollars!  Sales for Cyber Monday this year increased 146 percent for eBay mobile commerce alone.

California, Nevada, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida are leading the way in mobile commerce.  I expect this figure to grow with the trust of consumers buying through their mobile devices.

There are about 5 times more people with mobile phones than there are people on the internet using computers.  The mobile commerce market is going to be colossal once the comfort level of people equals that of the conventional way to shop online.  Earlier this year a Mercedes-Benz was purchased on eBay for $240,000.  How’s that for a level of comfort.

How comfortable are you with mobile commerce?  Leave a comment now and let me know.

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