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Easy Click Commissions Scam

Easy Click Commissions Scam Alert!

I have done posts on these push button scam products on Clickbank before but this is the first one “Easy Click Commissions” that I have done where it is being processed through the Plimus network.

Easy Click Commissions scam alert people!  I’ll give it to this guy on the video though because he is a much better actor than most that I see.  Check him out below where he pretends to make fun of other people that fake income proof.

Easy Click Commissions Scam

In my opinion, he is laughing because they are going to make a ton of money from this Easy Click Commissions scam and that is even after refunds.

He goes on to tell you about the same things that they all say in these sales videos.  He even contradicts himself by talking about how the other videos put down gurus but then turns around and does it himself by the end of the video!

The makers of this six clicks to make money software (not $37 but $49 this time) is probably selling on the Plimus network to process their orders because it is harder to figure out that they are lying when they say that only 289 units are available.  It is easy to see that they are lying when they say that on a Clickbank product because of the gravity stat (Clickbank gravity shows how many affiliates have made at least 1 sale of a product within the last week).  When you see Internet Marketing products hitting well over one thousand gravity, it is impossible to have a cutoff of only a few hundred units sold.  Get what I’m saying?

Do yourself a favor.  If you see the Easy Click Commissions scam come your way; click away and save your money.  If you could make $272,000 in affiliate commissions in only one month with a traffic source called “The Black River,” would you share it with the world for $49?  I don’t think so…  The money that you would make using the product yourself would far exceed that amount that you would make only selling 289 copies.  Hint, hint!  That is another alarm bell that should be going off in your head right now.

The guys that created the Easy Click Commissions scam are a bit smarter because they are using Plimus to process their orders and it is harder to track their sales but don’t fall for it.  This Easy Click Commissions scam product is just like the ones on Clickbank.

There is no easy point and click way to success.  It not only takes hard work and smart work but working right.  I first heard this from James Malinchak a bit ago and it made perfect sense.  It basically goes like this: You can be doing something the wrong way and not getting the results that you want.  No matter how hard or smart you work at something if you are still doing it wrong you won’t succeed.  You have to work at something the right way and that is the key to success.

My point to this post is simple; no software exists for $37, $47 or $49 that will make you a fortune.  The Easy Click Commissions scam software certainly won’t do it for you.  Do the work the right way and you will succeed…


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