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Is There A Simple Way To Make Money Online?

Making money online is the Holy Grail that, according to Google, has over 800,000 searches every month and growing.  In actuality there are so many ways of making money in the online world from article marketing to CPV.  I would just like to briefly touch on online marketing as a whole in this short post and only one simple way that I’ve found to make money online.

The simplest way that I’ve found that is a complete sustainable business that has no foreseeable end in sight is domaining.  What is domaining you ask?  Well it is the buying and selling of domain names.

What makes domaining an excellent business is that it requires no website to make money online.  You don’t need to do the normal search engine optimization techniques to get your site ranked or use expensive PPC marketing to drive traffic in order to make sales.

There are domain experts out there that are quietly making 7 figures without ever having to deal with any kind of staff or outsourcing companies.  You can buy a domain name for as little as a few dollars using coupons.  Even if you pay the full price of about $10.00 it’s still a bargain for a new domain.

If you choose wisely you can turn that $10.00 domain into hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  More advanced techniques include things like turning an already established aged domain that might cost $70.00 into tens of thousands of dollars!

Now this post is not designed to teach you everything about domaining.  It is to make you think about another way to make money online that most people don’t talk about.  So do some investigation on your own and I will get into more specifics in a later post.

What I would like to know is what you think?  Is this a way of making money online that interest you?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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