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How To Get Accepted Into A CPA Network

Previously I wrote a post on the CPA market.  It has been around for quite awhile but really exploded in the eyes of the Internet Marketing community in 2009.  Even now in 2010 it is still bigger than ever!

A lot of money can be made using CPA but you can’t make any money if no network will accept you.  So I’m going to tell you a few simple steps on how to get accepted.

1. Know your terminology

Let’s face it.  Even if you are a newbie to online marketing you need to know the basic terminology like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Earnings Per Click (EPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Banner Advertising, Email Marketing, Media Buys, etc.

2. Be willing to speak with someone at the network

Often times you will need to speak with someone at the CPA Network.  Either they will call you or you will need to call them in order to complete your application.  This is where being well versed in Internet Marketing lingo comes in handy.

3. Own your own website that is live

It really helps if you have an active website that is up and running so you can show them when they ask.  A website that you own ads validity to your request for approval and if they ask about the amount of traffic that your site receives each month tell them about 10 to 15 thousand “uniques”.  Unique visitors are people that come to your website from a specific IP address and is counted only once for that month.  If the same person returns within the same month from the same IP address it is counted as a hit but not as a unique visitor.  This lingo will have you in like Flynn!

4. Your preferred traffic method

Tell them that you usually drive traffic through PPC and Media Buys (A Media Buy is when you broker a direct deal with another website owner to advertise on their website for a predetermined amount of time for a negotiated price).  This lets them know that you have the ability to drive traffic to any of their offers immediately because paid traffic is very fast traffic.

There you have it.  I hope that this helps you get going in the CPA game as soon as possible because once you’re in you’re in.  Good Luck!

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