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A Lazy Way To Business Growth?

I saw a video blog post by Paul Lemberg where he talked about a lazy way to business growth.  In the video he explains how and why you need to make small changes to your business that can lead to big profits.

This works on a compounding principal much like the way that interest builds up on credit cards.  People think that you need to do things on a grand scale in order to see success but not only is that not necessary, for many it’s not even possible.

Doing things on a large scale takes a considerable amount of planning and implementation.  What that ends up doing is slowing down momentum and progress.  When you make small changes to your business, you can do them quickly and easily.

Money and success loves speed.  One thing that many people do is think that they have to have everything perfect before they implement anything.  All that does is keep you from doing anything or take too long before doing anything.  Make changes quickly, get the results and constantly move forward.

So the lazy way to business growth really isn’t that lazy at all, it’s just easier.  If you have been thinking about making a change in your business don’t wait, make a lot of small changes right now and watch them compound into great success for your business!

Have you experienced success with small changes?  If so I want to hear about them.  Your comments are always welcome.

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