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Brilliant Bronx Zoo Cobra Marketing

Most everyone has probably heard by now that a large cobra escaped from its habitat at the Bronx Zoo in New York last Friday March 25, 2011.  It got a ton of media attention and someone even created a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

This is brilliant marketing because as you can see in the picture below the Twitter account amassed nearly 200,000 followers in less than a week!

Bronx Zoo's Cobra - Twitter Page Tweets

Unfortunately for the person that started the social media craze on the cobra he was found on Thursday March 31, 2011 as seen on the New York Fox News website picture below.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra - Fox News Page

The Facebook page wasn’t as popular with “likes” only coming in at a little over 4,500 but as you can see in the picture below people don’t want the cobra to go away even though he has been found.  Robin C. Copeland wrote on the cobra’s wall to tweet about life in confinement.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra - Facebook Page

The person that was smart enough to jump on this cobra story using social media probably made a small fortune in advertising endorsements while this story was hot and judging by the Facebook comment there is still marketing life for this cobra.

Most people were probably oblivious to the fact that the cobra was tweeting about things such as Saturday Night Live, H & H Bagels, New York Hilton, etc.  Big companies like these pay celebrities as much as $10,000 dollars for a single tweet!  I say slither on cobra, slither on…

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