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Amazon SEO?

If you’ve ever wondered if it is worth it to do Amazon SEO in order to sell physical products, I would have to say “yes” after finding out how much they sell everyday!

Did you know that Amazon.com sells over 68 million dollars per day and that was in 2009.  I haven’t seen the figures for 2010 yet and who knows what it will be in 2011.

So doing Amazon SEO makes sense, literally.  They also sell digital products but there is much less competition with physical products.

Using Amazon SEO is a breeze if you target product names and funnel people through blogs using articles.

The reason marketing physical products is much easier is because of the sheer volume.  Clickbank has about 10,000 digital products for sale, but one day I was watching a webinar and it showed how Amazon has over 11 million items for sale in their Home & Garden Department alone!  Now that’s what I call some Amazon SEO opportunities.

From this point all you have to do to use Amazon SEO is to create a free blog on Blogger.com.  Then use targeted product name keywords in articles on high PR sites like EzineArticles.com, which will drive traffic to your blogs that contain your affiliate links.

A lot of people want to market digital products because with physical products the commissions are much lower (a maximum of 15% commission for Amazon products).  With Clickbank you get 50% or more but with that comes more competition.  Remember that Clickbank only has about 10,000 products compared to the millions at Amazon!

If you are looking to become an affiliate and want less competition, I’d say go with Amazon SEO to begin with because that huge pie is spread between much less people as apposed to Clickbank.

Is Amazon SEO for you?  Let me know by leaving a comment.


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