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Accept Payments Online

Accept Payments Online

If you want to accept payments online, today it is easier than ever before.  Some would say that is not true but it is.  There are tons of companies out there like PayPal, Alert Pay, 2checkout and many more.

To accept payments online all you have to do is want to pretty much and you can but there is some debate about the PayPal types of processors.  Even though PayPal is huge and is owned by the mega giant eBay, some internet marketers say that they are frowned upon by the general population.  They say that it looks unprofessional and that you will get lower conversions if you accept payments online this way.

So if you don’t use companies like PayPal to accept payments online than who do you use?  You can go with your own merchant account through companies like Authorize.net but if you can’t pass the screening process you have a very good chance of being denied.

Ultimately you have to decide what is best for you and really do your homework as to the needs of your business.  You can accept payments online through PayPal and have the security of never seeing the customer’s credit card information, which protects the customer and removes you from liability.  If you do go with a merchant account you must pass a screening process and assume the liability of seeing the customer’s credit card information but you will possibly have higher conversion rates on purchases due to a higher level of professionalism.

My two cents is this; accept payments online via PayPal first to get started and after you are established move up to your own merchant account.  Success loves speed and if you wait to get started, you might never do anything.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you will accept payments online?


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