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The Key to Internet Marketing Success

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times that the key to success in anything that you do is to be persistent.  But I’m going to tell you that the key to Internet Marketing (IM) success is diversification.

Don’t get me wrong, you need persistence in order to get things done that you need to do but the right kind of diversification is key.  The reason is because success for everyone is different.  To some people success means monetary gains of abundance.  For others it means freedom from a job and having the independence to call their own shots.

For me IM success is diversification because my eggs are in many different baskets all producing income that gives me many choices.  Having the ability do decide what I want and have to do each day with the knowledge that if any one stream of income goes down there are other still producing.

You can have great success following just one way of making money by becoming extremely good at one thing but it leaves you vulnerable.  If something happens to that one income stream and you don’t have a way to recover quickly then you could have a catastrophic collapse in your business.  That is a sure fire way of losing everything that you have worked so hard to build.

If you don’t feel comfortable learning many different skills in order to diversify, you need to learn the really important skill of outsourcing.  This is something that you will have to learn in any event because you cannot grow without it; one person can only do so much.  When your company begins to grow, there will be many more menial tasks that will need to get done and an outsourcer is one of your best options during the early stages.

In summary, a lot of people will have their opinions as to what is the key to Internet Marketing success is for them.  For me the safest road to travel to success is diversification.


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March Madness for the Warrior Forum?

To my surprise the Warrior Forum is celebrating March Madness!

If you don’t know anything about the traditional celebration of March Madness, it is for the men’s NCAA college basketball tournament.

While I love basketball, the Warrior Forum celebrating their own version of March Madness is absolutely great for Internet Marketers!

For all of the month of March the owner of Warrior Plus, Mike Lantz, announced that all of the features are FREE!  That means that there will be absolutely no fees charged for listings upfront, backend costs or even transaction charges.

What this means is that you will only be charged for your Warrior Special Offer (WSO) listing of $40, and not the additional $20 plus transaction fees for Warrior Plus.  Not only that but if you are an affiliate through Warrior Plus you won’t be charged the monthly $4 fee.

There is even more to Mike’s announcement.  There will also be changes coming to the Warrior Plus affiliate platform.  Many of the changes are what are already available at JV Zoo.

Soon Warrior Plus will be able to split payments between sellers and affiliates automatically.  As it stands right now the system alternates payments; first to the seller and then to the affiliate.  This isn’t too good for the affiliate because if only one sale is made it goes to the seller and the affiliate gets nothing for his or her effort.

Another thing is the ability for the main system to issue refunds on your behalf from your PayPal account.  This is good because people requesting refunds can do so and it can be done in a timely manner, which helps lower complaints being lodged through PayPal.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  There will be many more features that will make everyone’s life easier and they are coming soon.

I think that March Madness for the Warrior Forum is a great idea and I hope that Mike Lantz keeps it going for many years to come.


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What type of list is best?

You will probably have heard that you need to be capturing the contact information of your potential customers but what type of list is best to build?

This is a common question and the answer in my opinion is a buyers list.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can and should build a prospect list; just don’t expect it to out perform your buyers list.

No matter what niche you decide to go into, you will always have about a fifteen times better chance at making more money with your buyers list than with your prospect list.  The reason is simple; the people on your buyers list have proven that they will take their credit cards out and spend money.

While I won’t be able to go into a long detailed method of how you can get a buyers list in this post, I will give you a brief outline.

The absolute easiest way that I have found to build a buyers list is to create a product.  Having your own product gives you a tremendous amount of leverage.  A lot of people think that having your own product is just to make more money but it can also serve as a conduit to a buyers list.

Once you have a product that you can sell, you then need to find someone with an email list that is compatible with the type of product that you’ve created.  Then you setup a joint venture (JV) with the person with the email list where they get 100% of the money from all of the sales and you get the buyers list.

You can find list owners all over the Internet.  You can just go to Google and search for top blogs within your niche and contact them through their contact form or do a whois search on who owns the domain name.

Another way to find list owners to JV with is to go on popular forums and get to know them.  In forums it is always a good idea to get to know the people on there with big lists first by thanking them for their contribution to the forum.  Don’t just spam them, get to know them and do something for them first before automatically asking them to mail for you.  It’s just common sense.

Probably the best thing that I can tell you when it comes to what list is best is that buyers are buyers and prospects are mostly browsing.  A buyers list of only 2,000 can easily outperform a prospect list of 10,000, just keep that in mind.


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New Twitter Design Change

I’ve been talking with some of my Twitter friends about the new design change and what they think about it.  You will always have the hard core people that don’t like change but for the most part, people that I know really seem to like it.

Most people like Facebook more than Twitter and that is pretty obvious by the amount of users that Facebook has.  I really like Twitter, not because I have made over 103,000 connections there but because it is a more casual experience.  If you are wondering why I call my Twitter followers “connections” it is because I don’t like calling people followers (I follow everyone back that follows me, i.e. “connections”).  Don’t get me wrong, there are people that are followers and people who are leaders.  I just don’t want to be the person that is the judge.  Each individual needs to make that determination for themselves.

Liking Twitter better than Facebook is not very popular with Internet Marketers because I have friends that make over six figures a month using Facebook marketing.  But I don’t care because I am not a Social Media Marketer, LOL!

I really like the new Twitter design change because it is now more like a social media site instead of just a tool that you use for mass texting.  They’ve just added a new look and they now allow you to see each full conversation via a new direct message (DM) window.  This really helps me because I used to track all of my DM’s and put them in a folder in case I needed to remember what someone said to me at a later time.  The new DM feature helps me out a lot and it is good thinking on Twitter’s part.  It really makes it feel like a more complete social media site.

What do you think about the new Twitter design change?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Affiliate Marketing Platform for Free

Recently I have been hearing a lot of great things about a new affiliate marketing platform that is instant and free.  It is called JV Zoo.

This platform is similar to the one over at the Warrior Forum called Warrior Plus but it is free to use, while there is a monthly charge for Warrior Plus.

While Warrior Plus is the chosen affiliate platform that the Warrior Forum uses for Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s), JV Zoo’s platform has some other advantages other than just cost.

JV Zoo has PayPal instant adaptive payments that are simultaneous to both vendors and affiliates.  What this means is that both the vendor and affiliate will get paid their respective commissions instant and simultaneously.

Other affiliate marketing platforms like Warrior Plus alternate payments to affiliates when the split is 50/50.  That means that the affiliate will get paid on every other sale as opposed to getting paid on every sale.  If you only make one sale you get paid nothing or if you make three sales you only get paid for the middle/second sale.  Most affiliates would agree that is not so fair.

Another good feature that JV Zoo has is that you can be an affiliate or vendor direct from their site if you don’t have a website of your own.  You can even use them on the Warrior Forum as well.

The Warrior Forum has a feature that is called WSO of the Day (WSOTD).  If you get WSOTD the owner of Warrior Plus, Mike Lantz, will send out an email to their massive list announcing your product.  JV Zoo also has this feature as well.

To summarize, if you are looking for a good affiliate marketing platform to launch your product on, JV Zoo is definitely worth taking a look at from both the affiliate and vendor prospective.


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