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New Product Launch Process

I know that most of you visiting this blog know about product launches but do you know about the new product launch process?

The new product launch process utilizes rolling webinars as an evergreen model; as opposed to the normal limited time launch and shut down.

Some of you might remember the previous post that I wrote about webinar hell.  There is a very good reason for the new product launch process that includes webinars aside from the surface money that they bring in.

Yeah they can easily bring in $50,000, $100,000 and I even know a couple of really big time marketers that have brought in $1,000,000 using webinars.  The best thing about the new product launch process webinars is that they are evergreen and don’t have a conventional product launch.

Did you hear that?  No actual product launch!

What each product owner does is work the circuit so to speak.  They go from JV Partner to JV Partner and put on private webinars.  The products usually costs anywhere from $497 to $1997 (even $5,000 in some extreme cases) and the product owner splits the sales with the JV Partner 50/50.

Now you can see why the new product launch process model is so lucrative.  There is just an unlimited amount of JV Partners that have big lists in different niches.  The product owner can keep selling the same product privately for years…

What do you think of the new product launch process?


Monday, January 10th, 2011 Product Launches

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