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Local QR Code Marketing Strategy

This is a great way to make money offline with the new QR code technology for mobile devices.  If you don’t already know, QR stands for “quick response.”

Think of a QR code the same way that you view a clickable picture link that will lead you to somewhere else on that same mobile website or to an entirely different mobile website.

QR codes are a great way to drive foot traffic into local businesses.  You have probably noticed that people’s faces are now firmly planted into their mobile devices like some kind of zombie takeover.  This used to be socially unacceptable behavior, but now everyone does it.

Now let’s look at the bright side; this behavior can make entrepreneurs a lot of money!  All you have to do is demonstrate what a QR code can do for a business owner.

Take a look at the example QR code below:

QR Code Example

If you use your mobile device that has a QR code reader on it to view this code, you will be taken to a specific place on a mobile website.  That is amazing because this little code can be placed on store front windows, on menus, table tops, etc.

One of many ways to get a business owner to hire you to create QR codes for them is to go into an establishment and talk to the manager or owner.  Have a pre-printed QR code that goes to a coupon that offers a discount on a customer’s next visit.  Scan the code with your mobile device and show him/her what happens next and they’ll be blown away.

The code can even be to a video of the establishment with reviews and a coupon at the end telling the person to redeem the coupon by presenting their mobile device to the person that helps you.  This will blow the business owner away because someone can just be walking by a window and by just scanning the QR code, get a real sense of how great that establishment is before they even go in.

At this point the owner will want to write you a check, but it doesn’t stop there.  Use this as a gateway to even more cash!  Now that you have the business owner’s ear, you can offer more services once you bring in more business using this new technology.

There is no set amount that you can charge for this service.  You can charge as little as $50 per month all the way up to thousands per month depending on that business’s individual customer value.  Think of it this way, a florist customer spends far less than a customer of a cosmetic surgeon.  Therefore you should price accordingly.

So go out there and make a lot of money offering QR code services to local business owners and get your piece of the Internet pie today!


Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 Mobile Marketing, Offline Marketing

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