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Lead Generation – Do You Need It?

Lead generation is an extremely critical part of marketing, both online and offline.  Without leads, business wouldn’t move and we all know what it means when business doesn’t move…  Going Out of Business Sales!

All kidding aside, leads are the life blood of any successful business.  You need them in order to have the opportunity to make a sale to either an individual or to another business.  If you were to use an online business like selling information products in the business opportunity niche as an example, then you will definitely need prospects in order to make a sale of your product.

Online businesses use lead generation tools like autoresponders to capture email addresses so that they can turn that potential lead into a paying customer.  This is where email marketing comes in.  A really good email series can be setup beforehand and sent out automatically to everyone on an email list to entice the prospect into buying something that they are interested in based on the type of newsletter that they are subscribed to.  Now what I just said is very important because you must match the content of your emails to a particular niche topic that the prospect is interested in, otherwise it is like giving someone an apple who just asked you for an orange.

It is important to have a good mixture of great and interesting content vs. just repeated sales messages.  It’s a delicate balance that comes with experience and really getting to know the type of people that are joining your list.

A well known fact is that a customer is about 15 times more likely to buy something from you again than someone that hasn’t purchased anything from you yet.  Lead generation is only the first step in the puzzle.  It takes far more leads to make sales than it does to equal even a small fraction of a list of buyers, but that is another blog post…

Are you good at lead generation?  Let me know in the comments section.

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Traffic

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