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Will the Google Places Directory replace the Yellow Pages?

If Google has anything to say about it, “yes.”  Don’t worry if your only way of getting business is the Yellow Pages.  You still have a little while to still get business this way before the Google Places Directory kills that fat yellow book.

It’s a fact that over 90% of people do their research online before making an important purchase at a local business.  That means that more and more people are using the yellow pages less and less.  After all, if you just did your research online you are more than likely to search the Google Places Directory to look up the place where you are going to buy.

But maybe I have just jumped ahead a bit.  Some of you reading this might be saying, “I don’t even know where the Google Places Directory is?”  Recently Google just implemented Google Places within their search engine.  Whenever you localize your search by putting in a specific city or area you will get listings that are pulled from local business databases, whether the businesses have registered with Google or not.

Below is an example of what the Google Places Directory looks like.

Google Places Directory Example

The information within the Google Places Directory is the same type of information that you would find in the telephone books.

On a side note: The Yellow Pages knows this and is trying to get you over to their site by advertising in Google’s paid listings.  Just take a look at the ad in the lower right-hand corner of the picture above.  Many telephone books have been closing up shop in the last few years due to the Internet.

So what do you think?  Will the Google Places Directory further cause the death of conventional Yellow Pages?  Leave a comment and let me know.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 Internet Marketing

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