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One thing that I hear from newcomers to marketing online, aka noobs or newbies, is that they can’t figure out what product to create or what affiliate product to promote.  I completely understand because I had the very same problem when I first started.

Product research is a very big part to whether or not a product will succeed.  You can’t just throw a product together not knowing if it will sell.

Unfortunately this stops a lot of people from even trying but in this post today I am going to give you a really easy product research method that works most of the time.

There is one thing that you never want to do if your funds are limited to begin with and that is to try and reinvent the wheel.  People that go this route are in for a long and hard road most of the time.

In your product research what you want to do is look for products with a proven track record that you would like to have and follow its lead.  Don’t copy it if you are making your own product.  Use it for inspiration.  This will also work if you are looking for a product to promote as an affiliate.

Now the easy product research method is to go to Dummies.com and look for a book on your chosen niche.  This is the website for all of those “For Dummies” books that have been around for over 20 years now.

They have spent millions of dollars in niche product research so we don’t have too.  Just go there and look through the niche categories that you want to go into and see if there is a book on what you have in mind.

Then go to Amazon.com and look for books in the same niche and check the reviews.  If the book has lots of reviews it’s a safe bet that there is a hungry market for that niche.

So that’s it!  Go forth and prosper with your new product research skills…


Friday, May 6th, 2011 Internet Marketing

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