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Cost Per Action – CPA, Is It Really That Good?

I truly like marketing online but when I discovered Cost Per Action (CPA) I couldn’t believe something like this could even exist.

CPA is so good because you can get paid and not even sell anything.  All you need to do is get someone to take a specific action and you get paid.  Sometimes the action might be to take a free trial where they only pay for shipping and handling, but even then you still get paid.

But CPA can also be a risky game if you are not careful.  People that market these types of offers often pay for traffic.  If you are a beginner paying for traffic can really hurt you if you don’t have proper guidance.  So make sure that you start small and only use your profits to scale up your campaigns so that you don’t lose your shirt…

If you have the patience for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than you can run some campaigns using free traffic so that you won’t be out any money.  With SEO you must invest your time whether it pays off or not.

One of the latest things that have become really popular is to market CPA offers using social media.  The social media market is so huge that it has made Facebook into a powerhouse that now rivals Google.  This type of marketing contains both paid and free strategies.  You should try them and see which one is best for you and run with it.

Probably the best advice that I can give to people interested in CPA is to test the waters and get your feet wet.  Don’t dive right in, give yourself the chance to figure it all out and then become more aggressive once you really know what you are doing.

What do you think about CPA?  Drop me a comment and let me know.

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 Cost-Per-Action/Acquisition (CPA)

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