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The Death of Webinars?

Could the death of webinars be right around the corner?  Frankly it depends on the niche.  In the Internet Marketing niche people tend to wear out quickly with the latest things because once one marketer discovers something that works well, they tell others and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

In other niches like knitting, basket weaving, etc., it takes a bit more time to become saturated and the prospects won’t usually see the onslaught of every marketer blasting their email boxes with tons of emails.  So outside of IM webinars are still working as well as ever.

On the other hand, some of my fellow marketers have seen a slight drop in webinar attendance in recent months.  This is probably because people have caught on that there will be a pitch at the end of the webinar for a product or service.

Having a pitch at the end of your webinar isn’t a bad thing (after all we do have to make a living) you just have to make sure that the content that is on the webinar is extremely solid.  People that attend need to really learn something that they can use because if you give them something great for free they will be more inclined to buy something from you now or later.

One good thing to do is to give away something of real value on live webinars in order to boost your live attendance.  Live attendance is beginning to drop because people feel that they can just catch the replay.  Replays are great but nothing beats the excitement of something live!

So the death of webinars might be a bit premature but if we don’t continue to learn and improve as marketers, we might see the death of our profits…


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