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Today I would like to give you a few quick video marketing tips.

Before I do, I would just like to say that video marketing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.  The reason being that video is still pretty new and growing rapidly at a maddening pace.

I’m not going to go into all of the boring statistics in order to give you some video marketing tips.  I am going to just tell you that if you want to get some real traction on the Internet and do it in a very short amount of time, the way to do it is with video.

People are so prone to watching television that it was a natural progression that we would all like to do the same thing online.  Now that broadband speeds have become affordable to the masses, many millions of more people now have access to online video.

What this has done is made video the medium of choice when it comes to how most people want to consume information online.  Therefore companies from the very large all the way down to one person operations use video to create awareness about their businesses.

As for video marketing tips the first one is to make sure your business has a presence at the biggest video sharing site on the planet and that’s YouTube.  If you don’t pick any other video sharing sites to submit videos to make sure that you at least submit some there.  The reason being that Google owns them and you will have a good chance of getting into the Google search engine and being found on the video site as well.

The next one of my video marketing tips would be to name your YouTube account an actual keyword that is a buying phrase that you have researched and you want to rank for.  Most people just use the keyword phrase in the video title but you will get even better results if you use it in your username.

I’m going to wrap up my video marketing tips by telling you to make sure that you research other high volume views videos within your niche and reverse engineer their success by looking at their title, description and keyword tags.  Don’t copy them word for word but make your similar and if possible, do a video response to the video that is doing so well and siphon off some of those views.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of my video marketing tips?  Leave me a comment and tell me how you like video marketing.


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YouTube Poop and Local Business?

I know, when I heard the term “YouTube Poop” I was shocked as well.  I accidentally came across it when doing some keyword research and found that it has over 90,000 global monthly searches.

After I got over my shock, I took a look to see what YouTube Poop is.  It is a bunch of pieced together clips of media to form a comical skit of some sort.

First I saw a skit of SpongeBob blowing up every few seconds that had over a million views, and then I watched one about a violent video game that was toned down for kids (not really toned down if you know what I mean?) that had over 14 million views.

As a marketer I took a look to see if these people were driving this apparent YouTube Poop to any particular website.  At first it didn’t look promising but then I found a video of the movie 300 interacting with the SpongeBob character named Patrick.

The video didn’t look to be sending anyone anywhere but then, as I normally do, I looked in the description and there is a link to a Spartas Pizza website.  This YouTube Poop video does have a purpose because it has been viewed over 2 million, three hundred thousand times!

So what is the moral of this post?  Even YouTube Poop sells…

Have you seen any good YouTube Poop?  If you have, share what you’ve seen in the comments.


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Video Marketing Strategy

I know a lot of people that want to use a video marketing strategy to market products on the internet.

Most think that they have to have a video go viral in order to make good money but I’m going to give you a better video marketing strategy.

Some of you might know about link wheels.  That is where you link different kinds of websites containing your content around your main money site in order to gain leverage in the search engines.

Did you know that you can do the same thing with videos?  You can!

What you want to do is some keyword research, which is critical because you don’t want to try to out rank a website that is too competitive.  Once you have the keywords that you believe are buying keywords like, “lose 5 lbs a week,” you need to make a link wheel as a part of your video marketing strategy.

“Lose 5 lbs a week” is searched for over 22,000 times a month according to Google and 2 YouTube videos appear on the 1st page.  What is even more incredible is that the number 1 of those 2 videos only has 14 backlinks to it, all from other YouTube videos.

A good video marketing strategy here would be to create high Page Rank (PR) backlinks directly to your video that you named with your targeted buying keywords in the title, description and tags.

In your main video you always want to ask people to favorite and do video responses to your video.  This creates a backlink to your video from within YouTube, another big plus!

There is a lot more to this video marketing strategy but I would have to practically write a book instead of this short post.  The key here is to get started and to target buying keywords with less competition.

In the comments section tell us if you have a video marketing strategy that works.


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YouTube Branding – Are you a brand?

There has been a lot of talk going around about video marketing and YouTube branding.  How do you know when to brand your company or when to brand yourself as the face of the company?

This is only complicated if you think about it too hard.  In today’s online marketing world your brand is just about everything.  It must be recognizable and unique.  But most of all it must be liked and trusted.

Most large fortune 500 companies brand the company and rightfully so.  They really can’t afford to make everyone connect with a person that might be replaced.  That’s why some use a cool or funny character for people to bond with.  The character can’t leave or be replaced unless that’s what the company chooses to do.

With the insurgence of the Internet and video marketing, smaller companies have discovered that with the popularity of social media people prefer the more personal approach.  That is why more and more companies are beginning to see the light and put a face or real person for people to connect with.  It goes a long way towards trust and being liked.

Even some of the large companies have begun following suit, just look at the Sprint commercials headed up by their CEO.  Social media has changed the game for the foreseeable future.

But now with the huge popularity of video and video sites like YouTube, anyone can brand themselves and create a large following around the world.  The Internet has truly erased boarders.

So if you are a medium, small or even an individual person just starting out, the playing field has been leveled because you can now use YouTube branding and literally create an empire from absolutely nothing.

Are you a YouTube vlogger or celebrity?  Let yourself be known by leaving a comment.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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How Much Do YouTube Bloggers Make?

This is a very interesting topic that I was thinking about the other day and decided to create a post about it.

The answer to the question of how much do YouTube bloggers make is not an easy one.  It depends on what they are blogging or as they say, “vlogging” about.  There is a ton of ways to monetize your videos but hands down you must get people from your video or YouTube channel to a website that you own.

You can monetize your videos by adding links in your description but remember, YouTube (AKA – Google) owns your account and they can cancel it at any time.  Even some of the biggest names on YouTube have run into problems from time to time.  That is why I advise everyone to move people from YouTube as quickly as possible so you have greater control over the people that watch you.

I have a YouTube marketing buddy that makes 5 and sometimes 6 figures per month utilizing YouTube properly.  But I will stress that most will never master this because they really don’t understand marketing vs. popularity.

YouTube popularity is the people that you see getting hundreds of thousands of views in only a few days!  Most of these people are YouTube celebrities and not marketers.  They don’t understand how to truly monetize their channels in order to cash in big…  Some do become YouTube partners and get a little bit of money through YouTube ad clicks but I haven’t heard of anyone buying a Ferrari from their proceeds yet, lol!

On the other end of the spectrum, you have YouTube Marketers that really know what they are doing.  These people don’t even have half of the views that the YouTube celebrities have but they clean up when it comes to monetizing their channels.  They do this by moving people from YouTube to their own website.  When people get to their sites they have the option to opt into their email list where they can be updated directly by that person.  Usually the marketer will have an excellent bribe to get them to opt in but that is an entirely different post that I will go over in the future.

So to cap this post off, you can make money on YouTube and a lot of it.  You just need to approach it the right way.  If you are or plan on going the celebrity route then you should learn how to market yourself correctly with the necessary tools on the backend that can really pay the bills.

Was this post helpful?  Let me know by leaving a comment.

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