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Guru YouTube Account Termination?

A couple of days ago I saw a blog post by ultra guru and super affiliate, Jeff Johnson.  In this post Jeff goes over how YouTube terminated his main account because someone in the YouTube community complained.

He is very upset and rightfully so because that account had over a million views on it and now it is just gone bye-bye…  Jeff talked about how he went over the Google, oh did I say Google; I mean YouTube’s (LOL since Google owns YouTube) account policies with a fine tooth comb and couldn’t see why he was shut down.

Sorry Jeff, I know that you are a guru and all but compared to Google and YouTube you are just a very small squirrel trying to get a nut; though I hate to say it…

You see I believe that we Internet Marketers have been placed in Google’s crosshairs and we will now begin to see more and more of us picked off one-by-one.

The reason why is simple: Google views the IM niche as Get-Rich-Quick!

In my opinion, they are trying to weed us out because they believe that the average person will not succeed when trying to make money online and they’re probably right.  I wish that they weren’t but they probably are.

One good indication of this is something that I recently heard from Frank Kern, and that is that he is shocked that more people don’t want to learn more about mindset.  You see Frank did a survey where thousands of people responded and just like the other surveys that he has done in the past, one of the least requested things that people want to learn about is mindset.  Frank said that he is still going to teach it indirectly because it is actually the most important thing that people need to learn; even if they don’t realize it.

What I’m getting at is this: YouTube and Google are going to “protect us” whether we like it or not!  They think, like the Government, that people are dumb and don’t know any better and in some cases they are right but not in all cases.

Why do I have this point of view?  I feel this way because even the great guru Frank Kern keeps trying to get people to understand that mindset is the most important thing but they won’t even listen to him.  People want what they want and that is just that.

So good luck getting your YouTube account reinstated Jeff Johnson; you’re going to need it…

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Video Marketing Surprise?

Many people think that you have to have a breakout video with millions of views in order to make any decent money online.  Well I’m here to tell you that it simply isn’t true.

I know some super affiliates that are killing it making a mid to high five figures each and every month using video marketing.  I’m sure that you probably already know but what you probably didn’t know is that some get traffic to their money sites by what I call “video volume” and not by creating a few viral videos.

It is easier to use a volume technique than it is to create a viral video that gets seen by millions.  The concept is simple; make a whole lot of videos instead of just a few because it is far easier than trying to make lightning strike in the same place twice!

Now on the surface you might think that cranking out a tremendous amount of videos is hard and time consuming and you’re right.  That is why you need some good software to reduce the workload.  At the moment I am trying out some software but I cannot recommend it yet because my testing isn’t complete.  When my testing is complete I will most likely post my results here.

The point is that you can’t wait on a viral video to do its thing and make you a lot of money.  Be proactive and create a ton of videos that each get a little bit of traffic.  When you use the video volume method you will create an avalanche of traffic to your money sites because they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on autopilot.

This is not something that I see being talked about a lot in Internet Marketing circles but the people that are doing it are out there silently crushing it!

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Are You YouTube Funny?

If you are YouTube funny you can make some relatively big bucks!  I haven’t heard of the most recent numbers yet but I can give you the 2009 – 2010 top ten numbers for regular people that earn over $100,000 per year part-time on YouTube.

In at #1 is Shane Dawson.  Shane pulled in a cool $315,000 in a single year with his videos.  You’re killing it man!

#2 is an animated fruit series by Dane Boedigheimer called The Annoying Orange.  Dane brought in about $288,000 in the same timeframe.

Coming in at #3 is Philip DeFranco.  Philip is a video blogger that made about $181,000.  Not too shabby…

At #4 we have Ryan Haga.  Ryan brought in $151,000 for his original brand of humor.

#5 is Fred Figglehorn.  All of the characters are created and portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank who took in $146,000 at the ripe old age of only 16.  Wouldn’t you have liked to bring in more money than most adults at only 16?

Now the #6 spot is by Shay Carl, an Idaho radio DJ and comic.  Shay made $140,000.  That’s a tune that a lot of people would like to play.

We’re up to #7 and that is Mediocre Films.  They pulled in $116,000 for parodies on what happens in real life.  The one about the happy endings cracked me up!

#8 is by Smosh; the comedy duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.  They cashed in at $113,000.

At #9 is The Young Turks.  Their current events discussions and satire pulled in a cool $112,000.

#10 is my personal favorite; Community Channel by Natalie Tran.  This very funny and pretty damn hot Asian girl lives in Australia.  Natalie rounds out the top ten at $101,000.

There you have it, the top ten funny people that make a killing by uploading videos to YouTube that get a ton of views.

So I’ll ask you again; are you YouTube funny?  If you are start uploading, become a YouTube partner, work part-time and make a killing!  What are you waiting for?


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Video Boss Review for Version 2

I’ve created this Video Boss review to give you a little bit more information about the release of this 2.0 version of the video course by Andy Jenkins.  The course is set to be released on Wednesday June 8, 2011 at Noon Pacific Standard Time.


Currently there have been 5 free videos that have been released by Andy Jenkins over about the last week.

  • Video 1: Video Gets More Money Than Anything – This video literally forces people to see the massive profit potential of video.
  • Video 2:  Little Boss – The second video has more excellent pure content where you are shown exactly how Andy does what he calls “a delicious video.”  It has real actionable content that people can begin using right now.
  • Video 3:  $3.1MM Mistake – In this video you see how Google used a mega-budget on a YouTube video that anyone could have made for peanuts!
  • Video 4:  Traffic Boss – Remember the huge budget that Google used to get millions of views for a YouTube video?  In this video Andy actually gives you a lesson on how to do the same without that mega-budget…
  • Video 5: The Finale – So far you have gotten a lot of great content but that is nothing compared to this final teaching video.  In this one he really goes below the surface and is even more in-depth than he was in “Little Boss” and “Traffic Boss.”


Video Boss Review – The Positives!

Andy Jenkins is an expert at video production and video conversion.  His years of education and knowledge in the movie and Internet Marketing industries make him one of the most sought after individuals in today’s market.

When it comes to teaching this stuff, you absolutely cannot find anyone better because he breaks it down on a level where anyone can understand it and implement it.  The key to what I just said is implementation.  Without implementation you are just wasting your time…

Video Boss Review – The Negatives?

As you probably well know, you can’t buy an Internet Marketing product from one of the gurus for less than $1,997.00 these days.  The Video Boss is no different.  Yes, it’s expensive if you want quality like this but it does have a six-pay payment plan for those with sticker-shock!

That brings me to another negative and that is if you choose the payment plan of 6 payments of $388 you will end up paying about 15% more over the long run.  That equates to $2,328.00 instead of only $1,997.00.  I guess that is the price you pay if you want to spread the payments out.

The Conclusion

I’ll conclude my Video Boss Review by saying that after looking at the positives and the negatives that the course far exceeds my expectations on what it delivers for the price that is being charged for it.  It gets my highest recommendation because Andy really over delivers as he normally does.


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YouTube Now Better For Internet Marketing?

That is right, YouTube is now better for Internet Marketing.  Why?  It is now better because you can now place a YouTube video on your own website and when someone clicks on the video itself it won’t take you to YouTube.

It is great for people who want to market their products or services using video but don’t want to have to pay for bandwidth like you do on an Amazon S3 account.  It used to be that when you clicked on any YouTube video to pause it the visitor would be lead away from your website and straight to YouTube, which is not good if you are trying to sell something.

To make your YouTube video not go to YouTube when you click on the video itself you need to find the video that either you uploaded or one that you have found.  Then click on the “Share” button below the video.

The next step is to click on the “Embed” button.  Then I usually uncheck the “Include related video” box so that people don’t get distracted by other videos at the end that might take them away from your site also.

Then copy the embed code after you’ve unchecked the related video box because the code will change once you do that.  After that all you have to do is paste the embed code onto your website or blog in an HTML area and you are done!

You can now have a YouTube video on your website where people can click on the video and all the video will do is pause.  Again this is great because now people won’t be taken away from your website and you increase your opportunity to sell them something.


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