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Advertise on Facebook or Google?

Advertise on Facebook or Google?

In the Internet Marketing field there are many ways to drive traffic to websites.  Ultimately you want to make a conversion of some sort, whether it is to make a sale, get an opt-in or get someone to complete a form.  When you are skilled at driving traffic on the web, you will always be successful.

As I stated above there are many ways to drive traffic but in this post I’m going to focus on two sources of paid traffic methods.  You would probably have to call them the two bookends of the paid traffic world; Facebook and Google.

Both Facebook and Google have paid traffic platforms but they are very different.  On the surface they seem the same but underneath you need to have a different approach when utilizing the two pay per click platforms.

With the older more established Adwords platform you can market more traditionally because people are specifically searching for something and all you have to do is put it in front of them.

When using the newer of the two, the Facebook ad platform, you need to be a bit more strategic.  Driving traffic using social media is a very different animal because people are not searching for anything while on social media sites; they are there to enjoy themselves and to connect.  That is why many times you will see advertisers use interruption marketing tactics in order to get attention to their ads and get clicks.

If you are going to advertise on Google you should get started using their Display Network.  It used to be called the Content Network and it is where you advertise on other websites on the web through Google and not directly through their search engine.  In the Display Network you can get much cheaper clicks (as little as 1 cent) and minimize your risk so that you don’t lose your shirt in the beginning.  Once you are more comfortable then step up to the search platform.

They are both really great for driving traffic and making money.  It is just that your approach must be different.  If I had to give an edge to one over the other, I would give the edge to Facebook.

Facebook allows you to build fan pages, which they are now just calling “pages.”  You can use paid Facebook traffic to build a list of “likes” of your pages.  What this does is connect you to thousands of people that you can put social offers in front of.  Remember that you don’t use traditional marketing tactics on social media.  You use offers that allow you to further socialize and make money in the process.  I know people in the business that is making an unbelievable $50,000 to $100,000 per month using these methods.  The best part about it is that once they have built a sizable list on their Facebook page they don’t have to pay anymore; they just socialize with them and grow virally.  How crazy is that?  Getting paid handsomely for having fun…

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You Don’t Need Website Traffic?

You don’t need website traffic?  Well maybe I should rephrase that to say, “Product owners don’t need to generate their own website traffic.”

What I mean is that most people that want to make money online but haven’t yet spend most of their time either trying to generate traffic or worrying about how to get it.  They think that getting traffic to their website(s) is all that they need and is the only answer to their online money making problems.

There is another way that you can go about getting traffic to your website(s) that doesn’t involve traffic generation.  The better way to make a lot of money online is to let the traffic experts in their respective fields do the traffic generation work for you.  How do you do that?  You create a good product and test your conversion funnel until you have very high earnings per click (EPC).

EPC just simply means that if they were to send you 100 potential customers, you would divide the total earnings by the number of visitors to a given website.  A simple example would be if you had a $1,997.00 product and 100 people were sent to the website by a particular affiliate.  If only 1 of those 100 converted into a sale of the product the gross EPC would be $19.97.  If the affiliate program pays out at 50% the net EPC for the affiliate is $9.99.  EPC = Profit ÷ Clicks × 100

Not just affiliates but super affiliates are always looking for products and services that convert well and will make them a lot of money if they were to promote them.  If you have a high EPC than you will never have to worry about getting traffic to your website(s).  Affiliates and joint venture partners will send you all of the traffic that you can handle…


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Syndicated Content

Without syndicated content your promotion efforts will most likely die a miserable and excruciating death!  If I have anything to do with it you will be just fine after reading this short post.

I’m going to give you a brief way to use syndicated content to boost your website traffic, leads and ultimately more money in your bank account.

Not only do you need to get your content distributed to many different places all over the web, syndicated content also needs to be in different forms.  This is important because search engines, especially Google, look at the website links that point to your website to determine what type of link it is and the PR ranking of the site that it is coming from.

Google likes seeing a very diverse amount of syndicated content because it seems more natural and organic.  So the best way to do this is to publish your content in many different places.

Your syndicated content should be distributed by creating unique articles and then reproducing them in different formats so that the same articles can be found on different sites in different media forms.

First you write an article and submit it to the various article directories.  Then you rewrite that article and turn it into a PDF and submit it to websites that accept PDF documents.  PDF documents are crawled by the search engines because they are readable web content.

Next you turn your article into a video and submit it to video sharing sites.  After that you extract the audio from the video and submit the mp3 to podcast websites.

Once you’ve done this you now have diverse syndicated content all over the web, which in turn gives you a wide variety of backlinks coming from high ranking PR websites.  Google and the other search engines will love you for it!

If you have any questions, be sure to leave me a comment.


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Lead Generation – Do You Need It?

Lead generation is an extremely critical part of marketing, both online and offline.  Without leads, business wouldn’t move and we all know what it means when business doesn’t move…  Going Out of Business Sales!

All kidding aside, leads are the life blood of any successful business.  You need them in order to have the opportunity to make a sale to either an individual or to another business.  If you were to use an online business like selling information products in the business opportunity niche as an example, then you will definitely need prospects in order to make a sale of your product.

Online businesses use lead generation tools like autoresponders to capture email addresses so that they can turn that potential lead into a paying customer.  This is where email marketing comes in.  A really good email series can be setup beforehand and sent out automatically to everyone on an email list to entice the prospect into buying something that they are interested in based on the type of newsletter that they are subscribed to.  Now what I just said is very important because you must match the content of your emails to a particular niche topic that the prospect is interested in, otherwise it is like giving someone an apple who just asked you for an orange.

It is important to have a good mixture of great and interesting content vs. just repeated sales messages.  It’s a delicate balance that comes with experience and really getting to know the type of people that are joining your list.

A well known fact is that a customer is about 15 times more likely to buy something from you again than someone that hasn’t purchased anything from you yet.  Lead generation is only the first step in the puzzle.  It takes far more leads to make sales than it does to equal even a small fraction of a list of buyers, but that is another blog post…

Are you good at lead generation?  Let me know in the comments section.

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Blog Spam – Why Must We Live With It?

Today I’m going to talk about that dirty four letter word, “spam.”

That’s right, spam is everywhere but why must we live with it.  As far as blogs go we must live with it because of the fact that other people want credit for links back to their websites for SEO purposes and we want people to comment on our blogs for SEO purposes.

This is a never ending battle.  I saw a forum post from a guy the other day that talked about how he had to erase 1,000 spam comments.  Now that is a real time waster!

So why even allow comments if we have do deal with comment spam?  The reason is that you need comments so that the search engines feel that your blog is active with many visitors visiting and that it is popular.

One thing that helps blogs climb the search engine rankings ladder is to have lots of visitors not only coming but also interacting.  The interaction part is very important to the search engines; you can’t just have great content.

On my worst day I probably had to erase about 50 spam comments even though I have anti-spam software in place.  But I can’t even imagine how many I would have had if I didn’t have anything to guard against it.

If you are going to become a blogger than you have to know that blog spam is a part of the game.  Just don’t let it frustrate you to the point where you want to quit because you could be giving up a great and satisfying business model.

Now here is where I usually ask for a comment but if you are a spam bot, just get the heck out of here… LOL!  If not then go ahead and leave one.

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