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Video Boss Review for Version 2

I’ve created this Video Boss review to give you a little bit more information about the release of this 2.0 version of the video course by Andy Jenkins.  The course is set to be released on Wednesday June 8, 2011 at Noon Pacific Standard Time.


Currently there have been 5 free videos that have been released by Andy Jenkins over about the last week.

  • Video 1: Video Gets More Money Than Anything – This video literally forces people to see the massive profit potential of video.
  • Video 2:  Little Boss – The second video has more excellent pure content where you are shown exactly how Andy does what he calls “a delicious video.”  It has real actionable content that people can begin using right now.
  • Video 3:  $3.1MM Mistake – In this video you see how Google used a mega-budget on a YouTube video that anyone could have made for peanuts!
  • Video 4:  Traffic Boss – Remember the huge budget that Google used to get millions of views for a YouTube video?  In this video Andy actually gives you a lesson on how to do the same without that mega-budget…
  • Video 5: The Finale – So far you have gotten a lot of great content but that is nothing compared to this final teaching video.  In this one he really goes below the surface and is even more in-depth than he was in “Little Boss” and “Traffic Boss.”


Video Boss Review – The Positives!

Andy Jenkins is an expert at video production and video conversion.  His years of education and knowledge in the movie and Internet Marketing industries make him one of the most sought after individuals in today’s market.

When it comes to teaching this stuff, you absolutely cannot find anyone better because he breaks it down on a level where anyone can understand it and implement it.  The key to what I just said is implementation.  Without implementation you are just wasting your time…

Video Boss Review – The Negatives?

As you probably well know, you can’t buy an Internet Marketing product from one of the gurus for less than $1,997.00 these days.  The Video Boss is no different.  Yes, it’s expensive if you want quality like this but it does have a six-pay payment plan for those with sticker-shock!

That brings me to another negative and that is if you choose the payment plan of 6 payments of $388 you will end up paying about 15% more over the long run.  That equates to $2,328.00 instead of only $1,997.00.  I guess that is the price you pay if you want to spread the payments out.

The Conclusion

I’ll conclude my Video Boss Review by saying that after looking at the positives and the negatives that the course far exceeds my expectations on what it delivers for the price that is being charged for it.  It gets my highest recommendation because Andy really over delivers as he normally does.


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Blueprint Project Black Edition Review

The Blueprint Project Black Edition Review

The Blueprint Project Black Edition Review

My Blueprint Project Black Edition Review will go over what is in the product, what it is all about and what it can do for you.

I would first like to go over in this Blueprint Project Black Edition Review a little bit about the creators of this product.

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have been online for a very long time.  That is why I simply must include them in my Blueprint Project Black Edition Review.

Not only do they teach online marketing but they make most of their money completely outside of the IM or Make Money Online niche.

They teach a lot of ecommerce income strategies on how to sell physical products vs. downloadable digital products.

Most people are enamored with the thought of cashing in on an online business by way of marketing digital affiliate products through Clickbank, who have paid out over 1.7 billion dollars to their affiliates in the last 10 years.

What people don’t know is that Amazon, who markets physical products online, have paid out over 9.6 billion dollars to their affiliates in 2010 alone!

While Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton do teach how to market downloadable products as well, they are big on ecommerce for obvious reasons.

Blueprint Project Black Edition Review Product Contents

This product contains almost 60 comprehensive videos, 18 manuals, 8 pieces of proprietary software plus physical DVD’s shipped to your home.

This course leaves no stone unturned because it allows you to be a fly on the wall while they literally build a 1 million dollar per year online business in only 8 months!  That’s right; their original goal was to build this business in a year but exceeded their own goal by 4 months.

What This Blueprint Project Black Edition Review Can Do For You

I wrote this Blueprint Project Black Edition Review so that you could understand that this is not another fly-by-night product.  This is a system that you can use to make a significant life-changing income that can give you true freedom.

For my readers only, I have set up an exclusive Blueprint Project Black Edition Review Bonus that far exceeds the overinflated junk bonuses out there.

View my Blueprint Project Black Edition Bonus page.

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Traffic Dojo Review

Traffic Dojo Banner

This is my Traffic Dojo Review.  If you would like to skip this review and visit the official website you can do so by following the link below.


Traffic Dojo was created by Christian Weselak.  He also created PPC Ninja another very successful pay-per-click product.

On Monday May 24, 2010 at 12 PM EST Christian is releasing Traffic Dojo and it is sure to be a big hit.  It will show a lucky few how to use alternate traffic sources other than Google.

So if you are among the people that Google kicked out of Adwords for good, you now have an alternative to them.  Actually, Christian will show you 5 other great sources of traffic.

You see he makes over $50,000 dollars per month with the traffic sources and even won a big contest with one of the CPA Networks to Costa Rica for being a top affiliate.


That is great and all but a lot of the gurus say that they make a lot of money but Christian proves it with a video of his bank accounts and the fact that he recently trained a guy to use the very same methods that he uses and his apprentice now makes over $10,000 a month!

There is just one thing that I don’t like is that all of the 5 CPA traffic methods are all paid.  I feel as though you need at lease one traffic method that is free until you get the hang of the paid methods.  But Christian is so good at these methods that he will show you how to get the traffic for mere pennies, which is about as close to free as you are going to get.

Visit the official website; check out the cool video and at the very least pick up some great information that he is giving away for free.


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