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Offline Facebook?

I know the title is a little bit odd.  What I mean on an Internet Marketing (IM) blog like this one is that there is quite a lot of opportunity out there to help small businesses using Facebook.

I’m sure that if you have been into the IM niche for very long at all you will know that there is tons of money to be made utilizing the Facebook social media platform due to its’ built in viral “Like” component.

Liking something on Facebook is extremely powerful.  When one person hits that button every one of their friends will see it and most people that hang out together have similar interests, which lead to even more likes.

The very lucrative offline component that comes into play here is that there are a ton of local businesses out there that would like to get some of those likes.  Those local likes can turn into money for offline businesses; especially in this tough economy.

What you need to do is approach local businesses (hint: Go through Facebook) and offer to create Facebook Fan Pages for them.  Most local business owners would love to have this service if it is offered by a reputable person or company.

The way that you become reputable is by showing results in advance.  Right now Google ranks Facebook Fan Pages (now called just “Pages”) very highly in their search results.  I’ve seen pages that rank within the top 3 without any backlinking or optimization whatsoever!

So the best thing to do is to create one for a pretend niche market, get it ranked highly within Google and then start prospecting to local businesses within that market.  You can contact the businesses in person, by email or the best way, FACEBOOK!

You can charge whatever you think is fair and at the same time valuable to that specific business.  Most in this industry charge anywhere from $500 to $5,000, it just depends on what type of establishment it is and how much each customer is worth to them.

Above all be fair because creating their Facebook Page is just the beginning.  If you do a good job they will come to you for other online services.  Remember, it is much easier to make more from an existing customer than it is to acquire a brand new one.

Lastly, this method is not just a one and done kind of thing.  There is residual income to be had here.  You can also charge a maintenance fee of anywhere from $50 to $500 to maintain their Google rankings.  It’s easy to do by just optimizing the page with targeted keywords and a light amount of backlinking.  Trust me that easy money adds up fast when you have 20 to 30 clients under contract.


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Black Friday

Black Friday this year is crazy!  Never before have I seen some many deals and so many stores open so early.  Some like Walmart didn’t even close in some areas.

So how does this tie into Internet Marketing?  It is marketing at its finest.  Many retail establishments won’t even see profits until today.  Can you believe that?  That is why it’s called Black Friday, because their books will finally show a profit for the year.

Shop, shop, shop people!  This is the best time to buy and get a good deal.  Besides that it will help the struggling economy and we all know how much that needs help right now.

I won’t take up much more of your time and if you are reading this after you already went shopping, I hope that you found all of the best deals and got what you wanted…

Let me know about all of the great things that you got on Black Friday in the comments section.


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Still Marketing Online?

A lot of people want and get into marketing online but fail to ever reach any significant success.  Some quit because they thought that it would be easier than it is.  Others can’t focus and skip from one thing to another.  Even really focused people get lost because they don’t know what to do when they fail.

If you’ve read this blog before you might have seen a previous post where I discussed points on how to stick with it.  But have you ever just thought that it might not be for you?  Now don’t get bent all out of shape!  What I’m saying is that maybe online marketing is not for you but offline marketing might be.

There are offline marketers of all types out there making a killing in the direct mail business.  I know this because that is where I started many years ago.  For example postcard marketing is huge and relatively simple to run.  You can start off with very little money and build it up to a seven figure business with far less hassles than a comparable online business.

I’m not knocking the online world here, it’s just that I learned a long time ago that if you are not good at one thing it doesn’t mean that you won’t be great at something else.  So find experiment and find a business that you love and go out and really make it happen!  There will be bumps long the way but don’t let anything stop you.

As always, be sure and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Local Business Marketing – The New Frontier?

If you haven’t heard already, local business marketing for Internet Marketers is amongst the biggest things to hit the Internet.  You might say that it is the new frontier…

Why is this being hailed as the next big wave that will create a new number of millionaires from the web?  Probably because there are an estimated 4.2 million small businesses that need help with their online marketing.

Small business owners are in business in their respective fields to service their clients and not to learn how to market online.  The problem is that the world is changing and faster than most anticipated.  The Internet has taken over as the medium of choice for most people in general as a way of obtaining information.  This has caused newspapers, telephone books, etc. to see a rapid decline in readership and advertising revenue because people just prefer the instantaneous and often free access to information via the World Wide Web.

Now that we have seen this rapid shift in the way that people assimilate information, we online marketers have been given a great opportunity as well as responsibility.  If we each helped small businesses thrive in this down economy we would see things turn around in a hurry and without the help of government.  It’s small not large businesses that create a country’s growth and prosperity.  Just think what we as marketers could accomplish if we could help each one of those 4.2 million small businesses hire just one more person.  That would be 4.2 million new jobs in the US alone!  Now we’re talking…

What do you think about this subject?  As always your comments are very welcome.  So be sure to leave one.

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Local Internet Marketing – Is it the next big thing?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the buzz yet but the local Internet marketing scene is about to explode.  The likes of big time marketers like Mike Koenigs, Russell Brunson and even the great Frank Kern are all looking towards the future as this as being the direction to go.

What I love about helping local brick and mortar businesses is that we as marketers can single handedly revive the economy.  I know that sounds like a tall order but if you look at it correctly it’s not.

There are about 30 million small businesses in the United States.  If we Internet Marketers were able to help 20% of those businesses get enough business to hire just one more employee, then we have just put 6 million people back to work.  As you well know, the growth of the US economy affects the globe.  Hence we have the power to change the world!

Okay, I know that I might be grandstanding a bit here but this is really within the realm of possibility.  If the average local business owner only understood just how much the Internet could help their businesses, things would change and change in a hurry…

So I’ll put it to you.  What do you think about local Internet marketing?  Share in the form of a comment.

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