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What type of list is best?

You will probably have heard that you need to be capturing the contact information of your potential customers but what type of list is best to build?

This is a common question and the answer in my opinion is a buyers list.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can and should build a prospect list; just don’t expect it to out perform your buyers list.

No matter what niche you decide to go into, you will always have about a fifteen times better chance at making more money with your buyers list than with your prospect list.  The reason is simple; the people on your buyers list have proven that they will take their credit cards out and spend money.

While I won’t be able to go into a long detailed method of how you can get a buyers list in this post, I will give you a brief outline.

The absolute easiest way that I have found to build a buyers list is to create a product.  Having your own product gives you a tremendous amount of leverage.  A lot of people think that having your own product is just to make more money but it can also serve as a conduit to a buyers list.

Once you have a product that you can sell, you then need to find someone with an email list that is compatible with the type of product that you’ve created.  Then you setup a joint venture (JV) with the person with the email list where they get 100% of the money from all of the sales and you get the buyers list.

You can find list owners all over the Internet.  You can just go to Google and search for top blogs within your niche and contact them through their contact form or do a whois search on who owns the domain name.

Another way to find list owners to JV with is to go on popular forums and get to know them.  In forums it is always a good idea to get to know the people on there with big lists first by thanking them for their contribution to the forum.  Don’t just spam them, get to know them and do something for them first before automatically asking them to mail for you.  It’s just common sense.

Probably the best thing that I can tell you when it comes to what list is best is that buyers are buyers and prospects are mostly browsing.  A buyers list of only 2,000 can easily outperform a prospect list of 10,000, just keep that in mind.


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Is There A New Clickbank?

Recently I’ve been hearing that there is a new place where affiliate marketers are going as an alternative or additional income source to Clickbank.

This place has been around for years but in the recession that we’re in it has now taken off like a rocket!  Affiliates love it because it is much easier to sell products and services there because the traffic is internal, unlike Clickbank.

So what is this new Internet Marketing Mecca?  It is the Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a place where people go to learn the ins and outs of Internet Marketing.  But what is more incredible is that it has a section called the warriors special offers section or WSO for short.  This is where any forum member can pay a small fee to post their product for sale.

WSO’s must be priced below your normal price if you are selling it elsewhere and it must be your own product and not PLR (Private Label Rights).  It is very common to see WSO’s that teach you how to make money online priced at only $7.  Some will begin at a certain price and are run as a dime sale where the price increases after every sale or every few sales.

By about now you are probably thinking that $7 isn’t very much to make off of a product that you’ve poured your blood sweat and tears into but you would be wrong.  WSO’s that start out this low can easily make into the thousands in only a few short hours but that’s not it.  You now own an asset, the buyers list!

With a buyers list you can now promote other people’s WSO’s through the Warrior Forums WSO Pro Affiliate Program.  Like Clickbank it’s free to be an affiliate and with a buyers list you can make a lot of money.

The Warrior Forum is now making millions of dollars per month and there is talk that it will be the new Clickbank.  Be sure to check it out for yourself because the information that you can learn there is extremely valuable and the money that you can make there is substantial…

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List Building Tips

In today’s post I’m going to give you some list building tips that will save you both time and money.

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times; “The money is in the list.”  But what if you don’t yet have a list?  How are you going to get at the money that is in it?

First of all the money is in the relationship that you have with the list.  You could have the biggest list around but if they don’t like you they will either unsubscribe or ignore you all together.

The best list building tip that I can give you is to give it away.  What I mean is the money!  That’s right, the money!  Let me explain…

One of the fastest and best ways to get a great responsive list is to get it from someone else that has a great relationship with them already.  This is actually easier than it sounds.

What you need to do is create something like an ebook or a product and allow a list owner to sell it to their list.  The secret is that you let the list owner keep 100% of the money and you get the buyers list.

A buyers list is so much more important than a prospect list because you know that every one of those people are action takers and will spend money online for something that they want.  Most will tell you that a buyer is 15 times more likely to spend money than an interested prospect.

It doesn’t end there.  Now that you have a buyers list you must cultivate your relationship with the people on that list.  Let them get to know you by providing good content, not just sales pitch after sales pitch.

Now rinse and repeat this process over and over again because people will opt out of your list no matter how good you are.  That is just how people are.  Always keep building for that reason.  The trick is to get more people joining your list than leaving your list, and that just goes back to what I was saying about being good at connecting with people so that they know like and trust you.

There you have it.  Those are a few list building tips that will help you get started in Internet Marketing and thrive…


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Free Video Squeeze Page

One thing that everyone needs to have as an essential part of their website is an opt-in page or squeeze page as it is also called.  It also helps to have a video on that page to increase opt-in rates as well.  In this short post I’m going to tell you about a website that will give you a free video squeeze page in exchange for your email address.

There really aren’t any strings to get the free video squeeze page.  You just opt in and confirm your email address.  Then you will be shown how to create your page.  It is that simple.

A lot of people are scared stiff and think that it is too hard to make a squeeze page, much less one with video on it.  But trust me here, everything is done online and it couldn’t be easier than this.  They designed this free video squeeze page generator so that you don’t have to be technically inclined in order to use it.

Like I said, this is going to be a short post because I want you to get started making your very own free video squeeze page.  There is even a video on the page before you opt in.  That way, you can see how easy it is even before you get started with the process.

Click on the link to check out this free video squeeze page creator.


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List Building Secret Revealed

Today I have decided to reveal a list building secret.  I thought long and hard about giving this away but as you probably know, most people don’t do anything with the knowledge that they obtain.  They want to but for many different reasons they do nothing.

This list building secret involves paid traffic, but before you leave hear me out.  Most of the gurus that use paid traffic tell you to build your email lists spending up to $1 per opt-in.  Well I’m here to tell you that is hogwash!  They will even tell you not to use Google anymore because they are too competitive.  That is crap I say!

My list building secret is the Google Display Network, formerly known as the Google Content Network.  I was turned on to this technique by a friend from the Warrior Forum who shall remain nameless.

His list building secret is so cool that it gets me 1 cent clicks and opt-ins.  Now I know that you probably haven’t heard of getting opt-ins for so cheap but it is true.  While I can’t reveal the entire process in this blog post, I will give you a quick overview.

What you do is create banner ads in every size that Google allows (currently 9 different sizes at the moment).  You set them to run only on the Display Network.  Since you are advertising on the Display Network, there is no quality score!  (Ads and landing pages still must be approved by Google before the ads start running)

As long as you don’t try and promote anything too sketchy, like adult, gambling, etc you should be okay.  Then load as close to 2,000 keywords per ad group as you can.  Set your keyword bids to 1 cent (0.01) and really, that is it!  Once approved by Google you will start seeing traffic for only one penny per click.

Now I know what you are probably thinking; Google won’t let you have penny clicks.  Oh yes they will!  On their Display Network they will but not on the Search Network.  That is the difference.

The Display Network places banner ads on other people’s websites; not on Google.  You are probably thinking that you shouldn’t load your ad groups with 2,000 keywords either.  False!  That many targeted keywords will get you on websites all over the world and Google won’t penalize you for it either.

So I hope you enjoyed this list building secret and I hope that you are one of those people who actually take action…


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