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Marketing Resolution for 2011

If you want to either become successful or increase your success, you need a marketing resolution for 2011.

I decided to sit down and actually map out a marketing resolution and I thought that my readers might benefit from my prospective.

1.      Structure: Create a schedule that you will follow everyday and actually stick to it.  It is very important to have structure because without it you will end up watching videos, checking email, sending tweets and playing around on Facebook all day.

2.      Challenge Yourself: Pretend that you are in a friendly neck and neck contest with your greatest business rival.  Give it everything that you’ve got to win!  If you do this it will make you sharper and give you that hunger to complete any goal that you set and before you know it you will have exceeded what you were trying to do to begin with.

3.      Goals: Make it a point to write down your goals because something magical happens when you actually do.  It really isn’t magic; it helps to align your subconscious thoughts with your conscious thoughts.  When this happens you become a force to be reckoned with.

4.      Outsourcing: Stop doing the mundane tasks that I don’t like and are counterproductive for my business.  If you can pay someone a reasonable amount of money to do it than do it.  Focus on making money work for you and not working for money.

5.      Measure: Test, test, test and closely monitor the results.  Eliminate all unnecessary expenditures and ramp up positive results.  This can mean the difference between success and failure, so really nail this one and your business will really grow!

There you have my marketing resolution for 2011.  If you have a marketing resolution that you want to share, by all means share your marketing resolution suggestions in the comments.


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Mastermind Club For Free?

I have talked to a lot of people that want to make money online but they just can’t seem to get things going.  If this is you, what you might need is a mastermind club.

A mastermind club will help in a number of ways.  You enjoy Internet Marketing but let’s face it; most people don’t even know what it is or even think that it is something underhanded.

One thing that a mastermind club will do is put you in touch with likeminded people so that you have others that understand what you are doing.  This is ever so important because friends and family can actually hurt you when it comes to something that they don’t understand and many will discourage you.  That is not the type of environment that you want to be around if you are going to succeed.

It doesn’t matter what type of dream that you have and want to succeed at, a mastermind club will help get you there faster.  The members will help to focus you so that you don’t try to go in too many directions at once, which will only hurt any progress that you might have early on.  Trust me, I know about this first hand.

Huge Tip: Be sure to find a mastermind club where you are not the smartest member.  This is very important because you want to be constantly learning, growing and evolving.  You will never get any better if you are the most advanced person in your group, so if you are find another.

Lastly, here is a great resource for finding a good mastermind club: Meetup.com

There you will find a ton of groups in your local area that meet and have discussions about all types of topics.  Just go there and do a search and see what kind of mastermind club you can find.

Did you try Meetup.com?  Let me know in the comments.


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Product Creation Process

It is essential to your online success to have a product of your own to sell but most people fear the product creation process.  Well today you’re in luck because I am going to tell you how to get a product of your own created lightning fast; like overnight fast!

Though it might seem like a daunting task to create a product of your own overnight, it can be done with relative ease.  Many will tell you to just do an interview product with some experts and turn it into an mp3 audio product with PDF transcripts.

Others will say to go and get private label rights (PLR) products, have the graphics and sales page re-done and you’re good to go…  That is OK but you can do better, much better.

If you want the product creation process to be quick and painless, here’s what you do.  Go to a good PLR website by searching on Google or a credible forum like The Warrior Forum.

When you find a PLR product that you like, make sure that it comes with a PDF.  Now all you have to do is use screen capture software and PowerPoint, or the Mac equivalent, to create and record a video presentation.  What have you just done?  You’ve just created your very own high quality video product that you can now sell!  As we all know, video products have a high perceived value; beat out only by software or coaching programs.

The product creation process can be hard if you start from scratch.  But if you want to get started really fast and have a product created by tomorrow, just give this method a try.  Just make sure that the PLR product that you select is a quality one and you will be just fine.

Do you like my overnight product creation process?  Let me know in the comments.


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Missing Key To Success

Many people struggle for years and most never make it.  Have you ever thought that there is some kind of missing key to success?  What is it that those who achieve success have that those who don’t, do not have?

There are absolutely too many different contributing factors to be able to nail down just one, two or even three for that matter…

So instead of making the mistake of trying to tell you what you are doing wrong, which is keeping you from success; I’ll give you an option that you might not have thought of that could very well help you to succeed.

Are you ready?  Get a partner!

We all know when we are slacking or not completely doing what we know we should be doing to succeed.  Sometimes we need someone else to hold us accountable, and that’s a partner.

I’ll give you an example of two guys that I saw separately but when they combined, they absolutely exploded and now make millions online.  That is Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker.

These two guys have had hit after hit products on Clickbank in only about eighteen months or so and they don’t even live on the same continent.  Adeel lives in the UK and Bobby in the US.

Now that they have had massive success together, I see them venturing out on separate projects.  That is not a bad thing because the partnership did what it was supposed to do and that was to give each other support and follow-through.

Is a partner the answer to your online success?  Let me know what you think in the form of a comment.

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Microsoft Helps The Dark Side?

A short while ago a couple of my websites were attacked!  Now this sounds much worse than it was but it did do some damage temporarily.

You are probably thinking that the attack consisted of a hack of some sort but this isn’t the case.  This attack was different because the culprit used the assistance of the mega-giant Microsoft Corporation to assist his or her efforts.

Have you ever seen the screenshot below?

It is when someone, anyone for that matter, submits your website to Microsoft through the Internet Explorer web browser as being a threat to computers.  As soon as Microsoft receives this accusation, their system flags your website without even confirming that the information is in fact true!

What this does is scare people away from your website who are using Internet Explorer and when Google comes for a visit, BAM, you just lost some hard earned rankings because you look like a scammer.

There is a remedy.  You have to contact Microsoft by clicking on the “More information” link that you see at the bottom of my first screenshot.  Next you will see a page where you select that you believe the site is safe or select if you are the owner of the website.

If you are the owner of the website, you will have to fill out the information contained in the screenshot below.

Now Microsoft says that it will only take about two business days to process your information so that a human reviewer will take a look at your site to determine if your site is actually a threat, but it is really more like one to two weeks.

In the meantime, you are losing rankings and oh yeah MONEY!  I was really pissed off when I wrote into Microsoft because they should at least notify you that you are being accused of phishing but if you don’t check your website on a regular basis then you won’t know the exact time that the warning has been placed on your site, which hurts you even more.

Hey Microsoft, how about checking the site first before automatically placing a warning on some unsuspecting Joe’s website!

So the moral of this story is to check your website/blog on a regular basis to make sure that someone didn’t use this underhanded technique on you because Microsoft doesn’t care if they destroy the hard work that it takes to get a site ranked in the search engines.  I thought that in this country that you are innocent until proven guilty.  I guess not when it comes to the Internet…

As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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